Seal and Heidi share their little Bundle of Joy with us.

All I got to say is "they make some good looking babies" aint nothing wrong with being fruitful if you producing some good fruit! Lou is the third child for Seal, 46and Klum, 36, who married in 2005 in all the couple has four children; Heidi has one from her ex-boyfriend Flavio Briatore.

Check out the new pictures of the new bundle of joy!

Keyshia Cole is Preggo ya'll!

First of all let me say, I was wondering where Keyshia was hiding.. I aint mad that after she snagged herself a NBA playa, she went into hiding. Dam I wish, I had of snagged me one two! But now baby makes three! it's been rumored that Keyshia is somewhere between 6 and 7 months pregnant and Daniel "Boobie" Gidson is her baby daddy! Well Ms. Keyshia.... Congrats!

Looks like the Katt got let out of the BAG!

Our only question is, why would you (Katt) need to break in somebodies house and steal anything? What's up with all the screaming fools waiting for him to get released.

Take a sneak peek for yourself...

Who'd ever thought we'd see these two in the same video. Check out "Video Phone' featuring Lady GaGa by Beyoncé

"Check out this great MSN Video": 'Video Phone' featuring Lady GaGa by Beyoncé

Trey Songz "shows off" at his 25th birthday party.

No not a CAT FIGHT but let's try and say two beefcakes butting heads...
It's been reported that R&B star Joe and Trey Songz got into a bit of a brawl in the VIP section of Trey's birthday party.... DAM I would love to have seen them take their shirts off and go for some!

So much to catch up on... humm where do we start!


Did Tiger get tha beat down from his wife? Was there another woman involved and the cover got blown? Dam... of all people we never thought that cute lil Tiger would be a cheater! See for your self what he had to say.
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