Lord Have Mercy!:Is This Appropriate Behavior For Today's Black Church?

Lord if this is what we've come to, we have a major problem on our hands.

Ba da da da da I'm Luvin It!: Luda Gives Back To The Youth

I'm so luvin me some Luda right now. Luda loves giving up the LOOT!  Not only is his music HOTT but he's also on fire for giving back to the community. Luda loves the kids, and that inevitable for anyone to see. As of late Luda has partnered with worldwide bookstore Better World Books alongside non-profit organization DoSomething.org to launch "Epic Book Drive". The drive is to help libraries in New Orleans restock books. Since Hurrican Katrina there are still many schools and libraries that lack books which ofcourse are essential to a child's education. This "goodwill" that Luda is doing now is only one of the many organizations that he is a part of, including his own organization, The Ludacris Foundation. Luda continually shows his fans and the people that he is dedicated to giving back and focusing solely on our youth. I commend you Luda, keep doing what you do Boo!

Nicki Minaj Gives A Woman A Lap Dance! Fellas Brace Yourselves!

Now maybe you've been following Nicki's I Am Music tour, but in case you haven't let me give you the latest. Nicki's been giving out "FREE" lap dances as a part of her show. Now I did get a chance to view the lap dance she gave to a male fan that was picked out of the audience, but Nicki has since switched it up. Below is a video of Nicki giving a female audience member a lap dance. The fan really seems to be enjoying herself. Catch the fan as it's over and she's updating her Facebook page faster than you can say "fille pouvez-vous croire que cette chienne m'a donné un tour de danse"? LOL

Pillow Talk Live Tonight's Topic: Forbidding The Use of Contraception!

Tonight's show topic is "Forbidding the Use of Contraception". Where they do that at? No glove, no love baby! Some might say that forbidding the use of contraception is one of the craziest things a person could do, but some people are actually doing it. You've heard of the woman that poked a hole in her man's condom just so that she could get preggo, but what she failed to realize is that not only can you get pregnant but you can also contract something you can't get rid of. Tune into tonight's show, feel free to comment or just sit back, relax and listen to what the girls of All Girl Talk radio have to say! Call the show and give your feedback 646-727-2404.

Boy How The Tables Have Turned!: Should A Woman Propose To A Man?

Many of you I know have watched "Love and Hip Hop" the new reality show on VH1 starring Jim Jones and his lovely wife to be Chrissy. Now Chrissy recently proposed to Jimmy and the tabloids, blogs, etc. have been buzzing like crazy about this topic. Should women propose to men? In this new day and era, everyone and everything is evolving. Now it's okay for a man to stay home with the kids and the wife goes out and makes the donuts. In today's world it's like, whatever I have to do to survive is what gets us through.
Although many things have changed, roles have reversed in some respects, but personally I feel that some things should stay sacred and the same, if you will. I know, I'm a traditional girl myself, and I feel like in this day and age Miss Independent, wants what she wants and she ain't too proud to beg for it. Sweetie listen if you wait too long for a man to ask for your hand in marriage, than hey it's time to move on. Period...point...blank. I just feel like a woman proposing to a man takes the "fun" of the wedding planning. I thought it said that "a man that findeth a wife findeth a good thing". Ump....well that's just my opinion. Ladies we can't be deseparate. Let that man show you what it is. If you feel that you just have to take that position, live with the consequences to the best of your ability. Go for yours girl!

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"What's Real Love?" Tonight's Pillow Talk Topic @ 9pm

Love these days, comes in all different shapes and sizes. Love is so many different things to so many people. But what's "real" love? Some might say that love is a feeling or an emotion that you experience. Others might say that love is a physical connection that you have to someone else. Whatever you think love may be, the girls of All Girl Talk Radio want to hear from you tonight. Be sure to log in and listen. Hope to see you in the chat room!

Check us out tonight at 9p http://bit.ly/eAx1ex

Lord Have Mercy!: Grandson Bangin While Grannie Dead in Closet!

WTF?! You have got to be kidding me. You have to be absolutely out of your mind to murder your own grandmother! Damn, just when I thought I've heard it all, this one comes along to remind me that you just neva know. An article in the NYDailyNews reveals that, 

"An East Harlem granny was found dead in a bedroom closet on Wednesday - after relatives walked in on her grandson having sex with a woman in the same room, police sources said.

Two concerned relatives walked into the apartment at the Wagner Houses on E. 124th St. shortly before 11 a.m. They hadn't heard from 76-year-old Cora Davis for two days.
They opened the bedroom door to find her grandson Larry Davis, 21, having sex with a 20-year-old woman on the bed.
"Where's Mama? Where's Mama?" a relative asked Larry Davis, according to the sources.
An argument erupted. One of the relatives threatened to call police, and Davis ran off. The woman he was having sex with - who has a prostitution bust on her record - stayed behind.
Cops arrived and searched the apartment, finding Cora Davis' body crammed in the bedroom's closet under a pile of clothes, the sources said.
The city medical examiner was trying last night to determine the cause of death. Sources said investigators found signs of hemorrhaging around Davis' eyes that suggest she may have been strangled.
"I was here when [Larry] left," said neighbor Angel Rodriguez, 56. "I saw him go out of the building. He didn't seem upset."
Law enforcement sources said there were several domestic incident reports filed at the home, but none involved violence. The elderly woman also had an order of protection against her grandson.
Neighbors said they'd witnessed Davis' drug-addled grandson getting hauled out in cuffs before.
"It's just a horrible thing because she was a lovely lady," said close friend Dorothea Sadler, 81. "She didn't bother anybody."
Sadler said Davis had lived in the building for more than 40 years.
"She was a beautiful woman," Rodriguez said. "I knew her most of my life."
Larry Davis, who is still being sought by police, has prior arrests that include drug possession and assault.
He was arrested early this month for trespassing. An arrest warrant was issued after he failed to appear in court to answer the trespassing charge.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crime/2011/03/31/2011-03-31_grandmother_bedroom_horror_in_harlem.html#ixzz1IHHCioAF

Boy my heart definitely goes out to this family. That boy should be so ashamed of himself that it isn't even funny. How scared does a grandmother have to be to get a PPO out on her own grandson. Not Grannie, oh Lord, let me catch myself. R.I.P. Cora Davis

And  let's not forget my two beautiful Grannies RIP:
Mrs. Hattie Mae Sanders 
Mrs. Margaret E. Austin

Love ya'll to 4 ever!

Posted By: Angie B