Sarah Palin opens her BIG mouth again!!

Ok… now this Bitch got one more time to open her mouth about my first lady… don’t nobody go around talking about her country looking ass. Dam, anything for her to get some attention, didn’t she just her a reality show… aint that enough. This time this homely as chick was on the Laura Ingraham’s radio show and she had the nerve to criticize the efforts of MY first lady to improve childhood nutrition. I tell you what… Sarah, why don’t you take some time out and get your own rug rats together, before you go opening your mouth about helping our children stay healthy! ----

Nicki hits the BIG screen

MTV aired a mini-documentary entitled Nicki Minaj: My Time Now yesterday evening (November 28). The mini documentary showed behind-the-scenes footage as Nicki prepared for her first live performance on the VMAs. Nicki also shared intimate stories about her childhood as well as moments with her family in Trinidad---Check it out Below!

He's BACK!!! R-Kelly is back and it looks like he is bigger and better than before!

R-Kelly made a comeback performance last night on the 2010 Soul Train Music Awards. I don’t know about ya'll but I almost lost my mind. I for a minute forgot what real R & B sounded like, and last night I was reminded that real music does still exist!

If you missed his outstanding opening performance than check out what you missed!

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Keish Cole.... Voyage to Atlantis??? did she pull it off... you be the judge

Keisha Cole performs her rendition of the classic Isley Brothers song Voyage to Atlantis at the 2010 Soul Trains Awards. Pink Lip stick and Pony Tail... I was too busy looking at the get up to even focus on the song... But did she pull it off... It took a lot of guts for her to even try!


Ok so I don’t know how it all got started but all I have to say is....... It is officially on! These ladies are locked and loaded and ready to fire!  Now I must admit, I was almost convinced that Nicki was on point with her diss at Kim with her newest release "Romans Revenge" but then Kim released "Black Friday" on YouTube and OMG OMG.... Kim reminded me who the hell she is and where the fuck she comes from.  Oh... my Darling Nicki you may want to take a seat and give respect where respect is due, you see Kim is legendary in this game, she made a name for herself long before we knew what a Nicki Minaj was, so with that, hot lips you got to do the same. Take a seat and learn from one of the best.

AGTR Movie picks for December.... Because we said so!

                                                             "I love You Philip Morris"

I can’t wait to see one of the funniest men alive play a guy man, I bet this is going to be great!  Carrey plays a married police officer who discovers his true self as a gay man. Jailed as a con man, he falls in love with another inmate (McGregor) and will do anything to be with him.  Check it out December 03!

                                      'Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader'

Another hot movie has gone 3-D! I can hide the kid in me besides if we didn’t use our imagination then life would be so boring!  Make sure you let the kid in you out and grab your children and check out the new3-D fantasy based on the third novel in C. S. Lewis' "Chronicles of Narnia" series. With the land now at peace, Prince Caspian along with Lucy, Edmund and cousin Eustace begin a quest to find the seven lost lords of the land. Hits Theatres December 10th

                                                            Tron Legacy

Do I even have to tell you what I think about this Sci Fi movie! OMG I saw the previews and I can wait to see the movie, this may be the movie of the year.  This 3-D sci-fi flick is a follow-up to 1982's "Tron." Kevin Flynn's now-adult son investigates what made his father disappear 20 years ago and finds himself pulled into the video-game world of the first film.  Hits Theatres December 17th.

What's HOT What's NOT! has the 70's returned!

We had a blast on our show Saturday November 20, 2010… What happened to?  Where are they? Let me say this, there are a lot of things that come in style and go right back out never to come back.  BUT! When we talk about fashions, most of the time clothing pieces will definitely make it back around.  Check out our fashion poll and tell us if you agree!
Remember the corduroy pants! We do! They made so much noise when you would walk and they would together, I for one hated them. We voted and the results are........OUT!

What about the all famous Cow neck sweater!.... this is one fashion trend that left and has made it's return, we voted and the COW neck sweater is...... IN!

The leather pant, ok so it's 2010 and well we may agree the leather pant was hot in its time but the question is can it make a comeback! We voted and the leather pant is......OUT! But try the liquid leggings!

The turtleneck! ok.... well this stirred up a bit of conversation, Jai says she uses this as a form of punishment for her son, one of our callers said that the turtleneck is a great compliment to a blazer... AGT voted and the turtleneck is ......OUT!!

The Platform shoe.... need I say more, this too is a hot fashion that has made it's way back, and AGT say the platform shoe is .....HERE TO STAY! ...IN

 The all famous tube of red lipstick, well back in the 50's, 60's and 70's this may have been a huge hit, but now in 2010, it signifies something different.... and unless your into street walking we suggest you leave the tube of red lipstick on the shelf! AGT voted and we say RED lipstick is.....OUT!

 The french kiss!!  Muse says "if your oral hygene is up to par then go for it"! Jai says "hell no!" Tika's says "let me give it some thought", Angie... "oh no you not gone put your tounge in my mouth!" ... so we needed to go to the phones to break the tie.... with that... The french kiss is...... IN!
To close the polls we had the Gaucho Pant!! What we need to know about this is style really never left, it's been revamped and somehow has taken a new look... But is the look strong enough to last. AGT voted and the results were in...... The Gaucho Pant is.....OUT!

Now Check out the Ladies of All Girl Talk Radio as we give tribute to the 70's! make sure you tell us what you think!

STUNNIN WITH HIS DADDY! (did I say that right?)

Wayne is out and is back to his old self… well that minus all the bling in his mouth. I don’t know about yall but he looks better this way!

Wayne was spotted here with his ummm”Daddy” at a Miami Heat game…. Check it out!

Angie’s Music Moment for November

Ok, so I might be a little late with these but to me; music is like wine…. Sometimes you have to let it marinate a bit so that it leaves a really good taste in your mouth..

We’ve played Rick Ross on our show, several times…. I hear him on the radio and I turn it up…. I have to admit I even downloaded a couple of his songs from iTunes. That’s usually as far as I will normally go with rap/hiphop music. Don’t get me wrong I luv hiphop, but at the tender age of … well if you listen to the show you know how old I am. Well I guess Rick Ross, is like that aging bottle of wine, he’s been sitting low for a little while, you know… we would see him or hear him on a collaboration just enough to remind us of his presence.

Well, the moon has retired and the sun has shown it’s face!

Teflon Don! Has arisen and is hot like an old volcano that’s decided to erupt! It’s so dam hot that I had to take the insert off and read the credits to each song! He has struck GOLD……no wait that an understatement… PLATNUM is what it is!!

This CD is featuring artist like; Cee-lo, T.I., Jadakiss, Erykah Badu, Kanye West, Ne-Yo, Trey Songz, Diddy, Gucci mane, Styles P, Drake, Chrisette Michelle, and Rapheal Saadiq!!!!!.......

Rick Ross knew exactly what he needed to do to make this a smash hit! Like baking a cake with only premium ingredients..



Before I move on to my next pick of the Month… let me say… I AM NOT A COUGAR!!!

                                           TREY SONGZ..."PASSION PAIN & PLEASURE" .....

Ima make this one really quick and to the point ….Trey Songz is old enough and HE CAN GET IT!....

I know this is probably taboo to say, but it’s like a fresh new sound for R & B… proud to say it's on the scales of an R. Kelly. Trey I know you might not want to be compared to Kellz but, he was a musical genius! To me.. if you can be compared to such talent… take it and run with it! Your work is great and if an old lady like me went and spent her lunch money on it, then that means you doing it BIG BABY!


King Hammer! Uho Uho here comes the HAMMER!

MC Hammer gave himself a new name before issuing a warning to Jay-Z this morning.

In what has to be the most unexpected rap beef ever, Hammer released a diss track titled “Better Run Run” under the new moniker King Hammer. 

The single and video were sparked by Hov’s line on Kanye West’s track “So Appalled.” Jay took shots at Hammer’s financial woes, spitting, "And Hammer went broke so you know I'm more focused. I lost 30 mil so I spent another 30, cause unlike Hammer 30 million can't hurt me."

Those two lines set Hammer off, and he immediately promised to deliver a few choice words for Hov in a diss track that was supposed to be released on Halloween. Unfortunately, King Hammer missed his own deadline due to technical issues, but the video was posted to YouTube Monday morning.

Check out the Video below!

2010 Bonnie and Clyde! TI " free" /Tiny "not so free"

T.I.’s wife Tiny swears she did not do a DAM thang in terms of charges stemming from her September arrest in Los Angeles. 

A Los Angeles court decided not to file charges against T.I. in his drug case. However, it seems as if Tiny won’t get off so easy.

Tiny is expected to be in Beverly Hills Superior Court on January 6 for a pretrial hearing regarding the charges filed against her.

Question is : Can TI hold it down like Tiny did when he was locked up?

Brandy.....DWTS! shake em up shake em up shake em up shake em!

Monday’s “Dancing With the Stars” was extra special as the series celebrated its 200th episode. To commemorate the milestone, this season’s stars had to recreate some of the show’s best-loved performances. 

Brandy, still riding the high from retaining the top spot last week, was in for a challenge: She and Maks were doing Gilles Marini and Cheryl Burke’s sultry Foxtrot.

“The whole thing about that was the attitude and the delivery and the mood,” Maks explained. “They set the mood hot, steamy. So it has to have an element of that seductiveness.”

Way back at the beginning of the season, Brandy said she’s not really comfortable with her own sensuality—mainly due to the fact that she hasn’t had some lovin’ in six years (yikes)! Still Brandy, was determined to do whatever it takes to perform at her peak.

Fantasia "I'm Doin' Me" Check it out!

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