Kourtney is a new mom!

Kourtney Kardashian gives birth to a bouncing baby boy! Little Mason Dash Disick came in weighing 7lbs, 60z and 19.5 inches long. Congrats Kourtney, and remember they only stay babies for a minute.

Charlie Murphy loses his wife to Cancer

This time of all times is the worst time to lose a loved one. Our deepest sympathy does out to Charlie Murphy and his family during these times.

Charlie Murphy lost his wife of 12 years to cancer, Tisha Murphy had been battling cancer for about a year and on Sunday December 13, 2009 she was called to glory. The two had been married since 1997 and had two children.

True Confessions!

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Disney Has Done it again! The Princes and the Frog!

Disney has done it again with the release of the Princes and the Frog, this is truly a must see for both the young and the old. With a all star cast, Anika Noni Rose (Tiana), Oprah Winfrey (Eudora), Terrence Howard(James), John Goodman (Big Daddy)and so many others, it was funny, entertaining and there was even a point when I wanted to cry. I don’t usually Blog about movies, I’m not a movie Critic, but I was so impressed by this rendition of the Princes and the Frog I just had to letcha know.

Check out our very own lil Princess , we turned the day into our very own Princes Day out Party…

Your Never to old to wear your crown!

OBAMA Accepts the Nobel Peace Prize..

Calling Obama the "Man" is no understatement, not only is he the first African American President, but he is only the 4th president to get a Nobel Peace Prize.

Listen to this bull shit!

All I have to say is "Listen to this bull shit!" Im so mad right now! DAM Tiger why!

Nelly.... and Jessica WHo?

Oh... I see "Never trust a big but and a smile" Nelly you better remember that! So ima leave it up to y'all to verify this for me, but it's been reported but not confirmed that Nelly and Jessica Rabbit are dating... I wonder why they call her that? that cant be her real last name. You know Rabbits like to thump... hummm

Ashanti.. girl don't worry, he'll be back, everything good to you ain't always good for you!

Christina and the Dream

Ok, just cause you got a lil cash don't mean you have to always be BIG time.... The Dream and Christiana were married in September and are expecting there first child in February. No they didn't have a elaborate wedding, and no he didn't buy her a huge diamond. Smart couple, I say don't waste it all on a day that is going to come and go. I hope they are happy and we cant wait to see what the baby will look like. Congrats!

LeToya Luckett is doing her thang yall....Big Time

It's time to give this girl the spot light, shit if you ask me LeToya was the voice of D.C. ima leave it like that. This young lady is multi talented, outgoing, naturally beautiful and did I say she can really sang! LeToya recently appeared on the MoNique show, and talked about her new album and her two (2) boutiques. Wonder if she got any H.O.D. for sale...

Kellz Vs. Songz.... Really?

Whats wrong with these new comers trying go hard at the vet's... Dam Trey "MAN DOWN" you know dam well you cant boss up at the boss. Here's a clip of Kellz addressing his haters(Trey Songz) by Skee TV.

Miriah is getting ready to hit the road

It's been reported that Mariah will step out and tour to promote her new album at the top of the year. How do you all think it's going to go for her, hell it's been such a long time since she toured I'm for one a skeptic. The 39 year old diva’s first stop on the trek will apparently be her upcoming New Years Eve concert at New York’s Madison Squared Garden. Do she really expect to do what Jay Z did?