Join Us @ 4:30p For Live Interview Featuring Paul Wall!

Help the Ladies of AGTR welcome Paul Wall to the show today @4:30p.

Paul Wall born as Paul Michael Slayton on March 11, 1981. Paul grew up in Houston Texas in a single parent home. As any other fatherless child, Paul grew up with the pain of not having his  father, but he is not the one to make excuses. At age 14 he became street team promotions for Def Jam, Cash Money and No Limit. This is what you call a hustler. By 1997 Paul's street team clientele included Michael 5000 Watts which happened to be  a DJ for Swisha House. Mike allowed Paul to rap on his radio show which eventually led to Paul doing mixtapes for Swishahouse. Having the hustler mentality that he does, Paul became an accomplished DJ on the regional music scene, he released 4 independent albums "Paid In Full label, Get Your Mind Correct", The Chick Magnet, Controversy Sells and How To Be a Player. Each one remained on the Billboard Rap charts a consecutive 15 weeks long.

After reuniting with his label Swishhouse, Paul released "The People's Champ" and the lead single was entitled, Sittin Sideways". His most current album is "Heart of a Champion" which was released June 29th 2010. In addition to his music he formed the "grillz style" wearing custom diamond made fronts and grills. This eventually turned into TV Jewelry his company that has made grillz for major celebrities including: T.I., Nelly Slick Rick, Mike Jones, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Chingy, Master P and the list goes on.

What Paul says about success of Texas style music:

"The style of music that we creating in Houston and Texas was just so different that I never thougt the rest of the world would embrace it the way they have now. A lot of music is based on the Texas culture and Skrew culture. He gives made props to the legendary DJ Skrew the inventor of Skrew and Chopped Music". R.I.P DJ Skrew.

In 2010 Paul underwent gastric surgery and loss 100lbs. Damn Paul looking all good and thangs!

Check out the photoshoot him and his wife took after his surgery.

Paul and Crystal Wall as "Bonnie and Clyde"






Damn He Sounds Just Like D'Angelo!: Check Out This White Boy From The UK! Sam Sparro - Banner Ads - Graphical Designs


In case you been sleepin' on this musical genius from the U.K. Let me be the first to introduce you to Sam Sparro. Sam Falson was born in Australia where he grew up until the age of 10 when he then moved to Pasadena California with his family to record a gospel album. Music has always been apart of Sam's life, his great-grandfather performed with Frank Sinatra in addition to his father being a musician as well. In 2000 Sam moved to the UK where he started getting more into his own music professionally. This artist has made it known that some of his musical inspirations include: Chaka Khan, who became one of his first admirer's when he sang at her church, Prince, Gap Band as well as Hot Chip and Basement Jaxx. Indeed he has soul and it shows in his voice that sounds so much like R&B singer D'Angelo. No he's not trying to imitate anyone, he 's just who he is. states that 
"His style of music is derived from contemporary R&B, particularly his gospel-trained vocals, and often harks back to the 1980s, but it's a thoroughly modern style, driven by state-of-the-art electronic dance production techniques and sounds". 
Sam has single entitled "Black & Gold" check out the video! I personally like his song "Cut It Loose" it puts me in the mind of Prince.

KeKe Wyatt is Back and Better Than Ever!: Tune in Wed @9:00p To Hear Her Live Interview!

KeKe Wyatt, born Ketara Shavon Wyatt, was born on March 10, 1982 in Indianapolis, In. Born into a bi-racial family, KeKe is no stranger to difficult times. KeKe has endured troubled times in both her child and adult life. Succumbing to domestic violence in a marraige of 10 years, which ultimately led to her being arrested for stabbing her then husband in 2001. The charges were dropped but the negative publicity from the media left a terrible impact on her career. KeKe however has perservered since and has released 3 albums after her 1st gold-selling album entitled Soul Sista in 2001. She has also released Ghetto Rose on Cash Money Records Label. This single "Put Your Hands On Me" turned out not to be a hit and the album flopped.

In 2010 she released the album Who Knew which also turned out not so great but you can't hold a good woman down. KeKe moved to Atlanta from Kentucky and she has not looked back. She put music on hold be a dedicated mother to her of four beatiful children. While away from music KeKe starred in the touring stage play "Love Overborad" with co-stars including Avant, Khalil Kane, Carl Payne and Karen White.

Now she is back on the music scene with her New album entitled "Unbelievable" that dropped June 14th. This album was graced with the likes of Tweet, Kelly Price and Ruben Studdard. KeKe states, “This album has more songs that were thought out and sought out," Keke relates. “It expresses more where I am in my life now as far as relationships and music are concerned." This album displays her full vocal range. The girl can SANG if you didn't already know.

After getting to know KeKe you'll find that she is a very beautiful, down to earth spirited person, and dedicated mother. She states in a recent interview that, "I'm aiming at what all artists want to do, aiming to be at the top of the charts, being in front of everyone's eyes, performing at the Grammys, it's all good!"

KeKe Wyatt definitley has a testimony to sing about. She just wants to share her gift with the world and the rate she's going she'll do that and so much more. I'm a fan and always have been and I'm so glad to help welcome her back!

Check out KeKe's Video with Ruben Studdard. I LUV this remake! One of the BEST!

SN: KeKe may also be starring in a new reality show called R&B Housewives with Executive Producer Faith Evans. The cast also includes:

Faith Evans

 Kelly Price

 LeLee Lyons of SWV

 Nicci Gilbert of Brownstone


 Angie Stone

Okay I'm an R&B Junkie, I would be all over that show! Would you watch?

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Mad As Hell Monday Topic!: Why Do I Have To Borrow My Stuff Back???

Tune in tonight for Monday Madness topic: Why do I have to borrow MY stuff back? Log onto and listen to the show of if you're mad as hell today call in and let us know what's on your mind, we LOVE to hear from our listeners!

Lord Have Mercy Edition!: Amy Winehouse Dead!!!!!!!!!! R.I.P.

Celebrities are taking to their Twitter to pay their respects and express their grief in regards to the sudden death of singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse, who was found dead at her London home on Saturday.

  • amy winehouse
    (Photo: Reuters / Stefan Wermuth)
    Police officers stand outside the home of British singer Amy Winehouse in London July 23, 2011. Winehouse, whose hit single "Rehab" became the anthem for troubled celebrity culture, has been found dead at her home in north London, Sky News reported on Saturday. Police said they had found the body of a 27-year-old woman at a flat in Camden Square, north London, after being called by ambulance services around 1500 GMT.
The cause of death is still unknown for the Grammy Award winning artist, only 27-years-old at the time.
Many are suspecting that her death may possibly be the result of her long-term battle with substance abuse, having also struggled previously with manic depression and eating disorders.
Best friend and fellow singer Kelly Osbourne, who had previously helped the late singer check into a drug addiction treatment facility in 2008, according to The Associated Press, tweeted her disbelief.
“I can’t even breath right now i’m crying so hard I just lost 1 of my best friends. i love you forever Amy and will never forget the real you!”
Other stars took the time to tweet their respects as well, including Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Ashton Kutcher, and Kate Moss.
Rihanna: “I am genuinely heartbroken about this,” and “Dear God have mercy!!! I am SICK about this right now!”
Jessica Alba: “So sad about Amy Winehouse- she was so talented. Really tragic.”
Ashton Kutcher: “I nevr know wht 2 post after paying respect 2 sum1 who died. Just seems lk anything funny is inappropriate. mayB I’ll just go C Harry Potter.”
His wife, Demi Moore also tweeted: “Truly sad news about Amy Winehouse. My heart goes out to her family. May her troubled soul find peace.”
Fellow Brits Kate Moss and Lily Allen shared, “R.I.P. Amy Winehouse, So upset, my heart goes out to her, sad to see such talent vanish from the world.”
Allen: “It’s just beyond sad, there’s nothing else to say. She was such a lost soul, may she rest in peace.”
Richard Roeper found it surprising that several singers also died at 27. “Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones, Kurt Cobain and now Amy Winehouse: all died at 27.”
Moby, who was last with Winehouse during her infamous drunken performance last month in Serbia where she was booed off stage, also expressed his feelings via Twitter.
“After our show in Serbia I wish I’d been able to help amy. I’m sorry,” he tweeted.
Winehouse’s autopsy is scheduled for Sunday.
Definitely sorry to hear about this tragedy, but in the words of Mz. Muse, I guess ya shouldv'e went to rehab. May Amy R.I.P. and condolences goes out to her friends and family from All Girl Talk Radio.
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Monica and Shannon Brown's Fairytale Wedding! Check Out The 50 Pound Train!

I'm so glad to present to you the new Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Brown. The elated couple wed again on July 9, 2011 in Los Angeles. The Diva as we know her rocked a gorgeous dress designed by Stephane Rolland out of Paris. A few of celebs were in the wedding party including: Ciara, Vanessa Bryant, Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher and Trina.

Mo's cousin Ludacris was unable to make the wedding but he did send a jet for the happy couple to get to their honeymoon in Anguilla, fast and not slow. More than 300 guests attended the blue themed dream wedding.

You know it wouldn't be right if I didn't bring the pics for ya'll to see, so check them out below!

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Brandy Sticks Herself Up In New Alter Ego Shoot! HOTT!

Brandy works with the infamous Derek Blanks, a well known celebrity photographer known for his awesome alter ego shoots. In this shoot Brandy holds herself hostage...Derek talks a little about the concept of the shoot.
"The struggle between good and bad. WHEN GOOD GOES BAD. This is a HIGH FASHION STORY that takes you into the dark side of brandy. The good Brandy is kidnapped and ends up struggling with herself to finally kill the dark demons with in."

Have a look a some of the photos!

Here's the full shoot below! Have a peek!

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New Artist on the Show Tonight!: Chris Walker

Singer, songwriter and producer Chris Walker has spent the greater part of his life profoundly centered in the music industry, where he has been producing and developing artists. Today, Walker is ready to put his artist hat back on and is set to release a new project on Pendulum Records in association with he and partner Ray Davis’ label, Walker Davis Entertainment.

The debut project, titled “Zone” is due out August 23rd, 2011, and is the first commercial release for Walker in years, but it’s as if he never left. Walker has re-joined forces with renowned music industry executive, Ruben Rodriguez, CEO of Pendulum Records. Pendulum Records is synonymous with success having launched the careers of musical greats such as Grammy Award-Winning Digable Planets, critically acclaimed Boogiemonsters, hip-hop’s legendary Lords Of The Underground, a number one pop single, “Lately” with the urban pop trio Divine and of course, Chris Walker. Together, Walker and Rodriguez are no strangers to success.

In 2008, they signed Grammy Award Winning Artist Regina Belle and released her first Gospel album. The first single quickly achieved the 2nd highest number of radio spins at gospel radio in the past decade, according to R&R. With joint venture in place with Pendulum Records, Walker is laying a concrete foundation for his return and he’s definitely in the zone.

The first single “I Got That Love” is evidence that Walker hasn’t missed a beat by any means. The mid-tempo groove is a refreshing testament to love-making for the grown and sexy. The track, produced by Chris Walker, is a culmination of some of the influences Walker credits with his love of music including Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye and Luther Vandross. His vocal range treads the scale with a romantic delicacy that marries his lower register and falsetto perfectly, as is showcased in his cover of a classic Luther Vandross song, “If Only For One Night”. With the experience of his craft as his backdrop, his vocal styling’s set him apart from the pack thanks to his distinguished and recognizable style. “Performing is like an out of body experience for me” explains Walker. “And I do whatever it takes to translate that feeling to my audience when I perform.” 

The Houston native gained recognition in the early 90’s as a musical director for Regina Belle and Al Jarreau. Walker later signed on as the first artist to Pendulum Records and experienced a new level of achievement, as a solo artist, with the release of “First Time”, which produced two top five singles; “Giving You All My Love” and “Take Time,” which crossed over to become top 30 on the pop charts. Rodriquez says “Chris was the first artist I signed to Pendulum Records. We have had success together, then Chris went on to pursue other career fields in the music industry. Chris is an amazing talent. He has a powerful voice and exceptional musicianship. He is the real thing.”

Walker is currently on a promo tour prepping for his August release of “Zone”, on Pendulum Records in association with Walker Davis Entertainment and distribution through Fontana Distribution. 

For more information visit: or

Pillow Talk Live Topic: His Way Vs. Her Way

Tonight's show topic is about His way vs. Her way. Can we both be right? Tune in to the show tonight and find out who's way is the best way!


"I's Married Now!"- Toya Carter & Memphitz Hitched!

 The couple wed June 18 in Milton, Georgia among many friends and family. A few that hit up the reception in Atlanta later on that evening were Nivea, Lauren London, Kandi Burruss, and Tamar Braxton.

Toya and Memphitz seem to be really happy and it shows in their chemistry on the show. Now for one reason or another, sources are saying that the wedding may have been staged? Being that every guest at the wedding were not allowed to bring in their cellphones, cameras or mobile devices. Seems that the taping of Toya's reality show "A Family Affair" was going on during the wedding ceremony. Many guests were pissed by this and many thought that the wedding may have been staged. It's obvious that this couple is in love and I think Toya just wanted to have her "REAL" life be a portrayed on her reality show. But people are going to say what they say.

Appears that Monica and her hubby were in the building looking good.

The baby mommas was in the building! Check out the look on Lauren's face? Can you say "Priceless"! LOL
They were celebrating like they were getting married. Shit, Nivea left the reception so buzzed, apparently too "buzzed" to be driving. My source revealed this:

According to law enforcement sources … Nivea was on the road around 1:30 AM on Sunday when she plowed her ’06 Mercedes right into a tree that had fallen into the road during a recent storm.
We’re told when cops arrived at the scene, Nivea had “bloodshot, glassy eyes and smelled like alcohol.” Nivea told police she only had 3 drinks earlier in the evening … and didn’t see the bright yellow crime tape and the traffic cones directing cars away from the downed tree.
Nivea was eventually arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and reckless driving. We’re told the child in the car was not injured and was released to Nivea’s boyfriend.

IDK You tell me? Come on now, something's not adding up with her statement she made on Twitter. Nivea states that she was NOT drinking and driving and not to believe the hype. Not only did she miss the cones, the yellow tape, her son in the backseat, and you smell of alcohol? I'm just going to say this-To be continued.....

But anyways...Congrats and as Lil Wayne told em, "Hats Off" to the happy couple.

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