Queen Latifah has done it again..... "Single Ladies" coming soon!

Coming this May to Vh1 "Single Ladies"... but why does this story seem so familiar to me?  It seems that every network is trying to find the perfect script about the same kind of three females or similar situation.  Any who! check it out.... we will be posted in front of the set too! check out the clip below and tell us what you think.

Drake wants you to "Get in my belly"

WTF! now why would you take your shirt off knowing that you look like a softie.... Now if it's one thing I dont like... it's a man that is as soft as I am... I must admit; I dont have a flat mid section, but hell i've given birth. It aint no amount of money in the world that you could offer me to take my shirt off and take a topless picture of myself and post it anywhere than my fridge door!

I dont know what Drake was thinking but, I guess he felt like we could (in the words on his girl Nicki) "See right through" him... hell no, how do you do that shit! especially when your flab is hanging.  Anywho, take a quick look and tell us what you think.

Monica and Shannon Brown done did the dam thang!

My Girl Monica did just what I expected her to do, she kept her business to herself and she married herself a "BALLA"...  You go girl, I aint even mad atcha!

Gossiponthis.com  reports that the happy couple have been man and wife since November 22, 2010 and that Monica has since pack up the wagon and moved to LA. The site goes on to say a whole lot of other stuff that really is none of my business or for that matter yours either.  So if you want to read more of that story go over to http://www.gossiponthis.com/ and read it for yourself.  In the mean time Congratulations Monica and Shannon!

"Our young black males are dying at alarming rates… how to save our youth "

Twitter: @MO_Obama

ALL GIRL TALK RADIO WELCOMES Mr. MO Stegall Sunday January 23, 2011 4pm EST.

Join uas we discuss what we can do to make a difference in the lives of our young males.

Mr. MO Stegall will join us and share his compelling story of how he overcame homelessness and losing his mother to AIDS. MO Stegall is a global humanitarian who less than ten years ago was homeless, endured the loss of his mother to AIDS and experienced several life setbacks but has championed his journey and dedicated his life to serving others.

He has assisted with Missions abroad including putting shoes in underserved communities with the Samaritans Feet Organization in Lima, Peru, he has empowered college students alongside acclaimed actor and bestselling author Hill Harper on the UNCF HBCU Empower Me Tour, was recently named Youth Empowerment Ambassador for the National Urban League's I Am Empowered campaign and is an advocate for empowering women to discover their inner jewel. Log on or call in to be inspired and empowered!

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And a Star is Re-born!!!!

What does this mean for Mr. Williams, I am first concerned with him being only two years clean, and having to deal with this overnight success. With fame of this type comes a lot of stress and pressure, and I pray that whatever strength that got him to turn his life around in the first place continues and grows stronger.

Mr. Ted Williams, the floor is yours and the sky is the limit, know that our God is a forgiving God and he puts nothing on you that you cannot bear. Stay prayed up and be powerful, as the gift you have is truly one given by GOD.

From the Ladies of All Girl Talk Radio, Congratulations on your success!

Gucci goes down!

When will these boys become men? Gucci is about to join the ranks of TI other famous rappers that just couldnt  get enough.

according to gossiponthis.com "Gucci Mane is about to end up like T.I.…The Southern rapper was ordered by a judge in court today to spend 30 days in a medical treatment center until his next hearing."  the gossip site also states that "During the hearing, Gucci was also informed that he will more than likely be sentenced to 17 months in jail for violating the terms of his probation back in November."


Kelly shows off!

Hey if you got it flaunt it, ain't that how the old saying goes? Kelly Rowland wanted to share her lil rose buds with the world and we ain't mad at her not one bit! Check out the images below!

Happy New Year !!!!

We celebrated our one year anniversary last year in January, we were so excited to see that we had a listening base of an average 5k, well I guess the words has gotten out all over the country as this year we are even more excited to lean that we increased my listeners by 35k!  As we begin our second year we look forward to bringing you the best in Real Talk and Hot Guest!  Thank you for making us the Hottest in Internet Talk Radio!!!!

The Ladies of All Girl Talk Radio!