Lindsay Lohan stepped into court last Friday in high style, but what puzzled everyone was what may have been on her feet when she was taken to jail later in the morning. Yet another indignity for a celebrity treading on the wrong side of the law.

Nicki Minaj and Sunshine Anderson in stores in November!

 Nicki's debut album Pink Friday (set for release November 23) .... DAM Nicki you kept us waiting for a long time! Check out her cover photo for Complex Mag!

Who can forget the lively voice of Ms. Sunshine Anderson, she's been gone for a while but jugding by the sounds of her hot new single "Lie to Lick it" she still has what it takes!

October is going to be busting at the seams with HOT NEW Music!!!

Check out the latest video from Faith Evans for “Gone Already”, the lead single from her upcoming sixth album, Something About Faith, which will hit stores October 5.

Jasmine Sullivan has been busy doing her thang, Her sophomore album is slated to hit stores October 5th.

Usher at the 2010 VMA's.... ya'll didn't think we was gonna leave Usher out did you?

Ok... so if it's hot we give it to you, if it's not.... you gotta get it from someone else!  Although we love Usher, his performance at the VMA's was only "warm".... with that being said check it out at the link below!

Usher... we know you going through some things in your personal life, and it's becasue we love you that we are going to let you slide on this and give you a minute to get it together.... We love the hot new CD.... so let's get these live award show performances together!

 Peace and luv!

Eminem and Rihanna live at the 2010 VMA's.... check it out!

The 2010 VMA's what did you miss!

Ok, so what did you think about and his all BLACK FACE! did you stick around and catach the performance with Will and Nicki Minaj?  If you missed it, your in luck we got it! Check it out below

"Superwoman" vs "Sorry Dude"

"Superwoman" vs "Sorry Dude"  <------click here!

Featuring "Angie" of All Girl Talk Radio! Check it out!

Who's the new boo Usher?

This just confirms that Usher is as normal as the next brother,  he was was spotted looking for apartments with his girlfriend in Tribeca on last Thursday afternoon.  I guess my questons is "what's up with ole girls hair/" Check it out!

Donell Jones is back and bettter than Eva!

Check out the latest from Donell Jones : "Love like this" It's HOT!

Ms. Kelly Roeland on the cover of Pride Magazine

Kelly Rowland graces the cover of the September issue of Pride Magazine, the first-ever UK monthly black publication launched in 1990, check it out!

Union and Wade.. such a nice couple...

I was sniffing around over at the loop (concrete loop that is) and I found some quite little pictures of the newest hot couple.. check them out!


According to TMZ, The drugs found in the car that rapper T.I. and Tameka "Tiny" Cottle were riding in Wednesday night were in fact ecstasy pills, according to law enforcement. (I thought what happens inVegas, stays in Vegas)

Ok, so it's been said that the two were driving and did an illegal U-turn, and thats why they got pulled over.  But, hummm what made the police search the car? or were they just that high???  Well anyway, I may not have any pics from the weddingBUT AT LEAST I GOT THE MUG SHOTS!!!