My job as a blogger is to bring you the news, normally celebrity gossip so to speak but in this case this is a subject that needs to be publicized and people need to be educated about this. So do your homework and educate yourselves but in the meantime JUSTICE must be served and soon. This is a very important matter and I encourage YOU to get involved.

According to an article in the NYTimes:
“Compelling cases that make us second-guess our justice system have always struck a chord with the American public,” said Benjamin T. Jealous, president of the N.A.A.C.P. “Some are simply more compelling in that they seem to tap deeply into the psyche of this country. A case like this suggests that our justice system is flawed.”

Parole board swamped with Troy Davis petitions  |

Parole board swamped with Troy Davis petitions |

Monica's New Album "New Life" Drops Oct. 8th

Although Monica's now Happily Married to the love of her life, Shannon Brown, she still knows the pain of heartbreak. Her new album due to drop October 8th brings us some beautiful ballads speaking about new love and no longer dwelling on the old stuff but embracing the new possibilities. She speaks about how he'll only realize what he had after it's already gone. Monica's fan site called MonicaSoul had a live chat stream a few weeks back and Monica revealed some details about her new album:

I talk about a lot of different subjects, whether it’s love, heartache, happiness, family.

The music will be a lot like ‘Still Standing’ in the sense that it’s real and really about things that I’ve experienced, but it’s also from a very mature place. The greatest thing that happened to me is to learn forgiveness and acceptance. In this state of mind it’s easy for me to make music about where I’ve been and where I’m going and do it in a positive manner.
This will be Mo's 7th album and I'm sure it will be HOTT. She's been working with her usual crew on the album such as producers Polo Da Don, Missy and Jermaine Dupri. In case you haven't seen the new video "Anything (To Find You)" take a peek now! This video was shot by none other than the great Chris Robinson and it gives a 90's feel to it, she's gettin her MJB on in this one, I love it!!

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"Oh No She Didn't" Edition: Fantasia Plans Her Baby Shower Same Day As Her Baby Daddy's Wedding Anniversary!

Fantasia Knocked Up!

Well Damn Tasia's been on the low low with this one. Fantasia Barrino confirmed that she was pregnant less than a month ago and I learned from one of my close sources that she's planning her baby shower on the exact same day as her married baby daddy's anniversary to his estranged wife, Paula Cook. I actually thought that Fanny was done with that married man in  her song entitled "Doin Me" well I guess she was still doin him. Fantasia's baby shower is scheduled for October 1st and she's due the end of December, I'll be sure to keep you posted on the latest.

Seems like Fantasia wants to get Paula any way she can, hasn't that women endured enough?

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Beyonce's Baby Bump Playing Hide N Seek During Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!

Be sure to keep in mind that all these pics were taken the same day! This is what you call a Peek A Boo Belly!

This Black dress was very clevor! Gives a great slimming effect!

Now you see me again!

Now you don't!

Can't really tell here either!

Peek A Boo! I see you!

Jay-Z's "Secret Son"?!

According to the latest rumor mill, Jay-Z has a son already by an ex-girlfriend named  Shanelle Scott from Trinidad. Now my sources have revealed that Jigga has been paying some major figgas in child support over the last few years. Now I don't know about you but I was definitely unaware that Jay Z had any children but in my latest research I found that this "secret baby" scandal has been going on for quite some time now. Since about 2007 it all came out that he had a son but it was still kept under wraps. Well then again in 2009 the rumors resurfaced and it was reported from my sources that:
… the fiercely private rapper – who’s worth an estimated $400 million – reportedly has a secret 7-year-old son who he’s amazingly managed to hide from the limelight all this time. The boy apparently bears a striking resemblance to his father and is the result of Jay-Z’s romance with Trinidadian model Shenelle Scott which ended in 2001, before he met BeyoncĂ©.
Jay-Z has gone to great lengths to distance himself from the claims, despite reports that he’s privately admitted paternity. BeyoncĂ©, whom he married in April 2008, is now apparently accepting of the boy and is even said to have gone on holiday with her stepson in the South of France.
Although Jay-Z’s spokesman denied that there was any truth in ‘these ridiculous rumours’, the rebuttal falls short of a denial that the rap star is the boy’s father. Despite approaching Jay-Z’s representatives repeatedly last week, they refused to comment.

Well you tell me, it was also stated that when Jigga initially found out that he was the father he cashed Shanelle out with a nice $1,000,000 to keep her mouth shut.  She bought a home in Trinidad and Jay has been paying her hefty child support payments ever since.  Shanelle's exboyfriend, Malik Sayeed, told sources that he believed that the baby was his in the beginning, but when the baby came his family told him that he needed to get a dna test. So after the test came back that it was Jay's baby he apparently took financial responsibility if nothing else. Shanelle now lives in a $2.5 million dollar home in Trinidad with her entire family.

“Malik threw [Shenelle] a baby shower and bought all this stuff to prepare for the arrival,” the source said. “However, after the baby was born, friends and family told him he needed to get a DNA test.

“Everyone knew she was sleeping around and sleeping with Jay,” the source said. “There was a good chance it was his.”

Not sure why Jay would hide his son from the world but as we know both him and his wife are very private people. Now how does Beyonce feel about all of this?  She had to have found out or knew about it because it's reported that she took the little guy on family vacations to Venice. But when did she find out is the question if Pre-marraige okay but if not Jay's got 99 problems and Beyonce's all of them!

Latest Update just in!!: Now the guy that was spilling all the juicy gossip about Jay's secret love child has went back on his story stating that:
“I know Shenelle, but I’ve never spoken to her or my son about this. They’re very private people. The stuff about the DNA test was on the Internet. It’s all from an old article on the Internet,” he said. “I don’t know if it’s true.”
“The house wasn’t purchased by Jay-Z. It was paid for by her present husband.”
Umm Hmm we'll just have to keep our eyes peeled about this one.

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Man I loved this show and I'm so sad to hear it will no longer be airing. Recently there have been rumors of Jada Pinkett Smith and her love interest on the show Marc Anthony about them having an affair off camera.
 Rumors in the tabloid's spread like wildfire saying that Will and Jada had separated. The rumors were quickly shot down by both parties stating that the rumors were not true. Now the show produced by Will and Jada's company Overbrook Entertainment is definitely being canceled. The network released this statement saying:
“TNT has decided not to order a fourth season of Hawthorne. TNT truly appreciates the tremendous dedication of everyone involved in Hawthorne. The series gave TNT the opportunity to work with many outstanding people, including Jada Pinkett Smith and the rest of the show’s talented cast, crew, producers and writers. We wish everyone involved with Hawthorne nothing but the best

Although Jada and Marc had a very hot chemistry on camera, they've been friend for years. Marc released this statement saying:
 “When something like that happens, it’s laughable. We’ve been friends for years, Jada, Jennifer, me and [Will Smith]. What bothers me is the affect it has on the families—Will and Jada and their children, their relatives and their loved ones.”


Well seems that there may be more to the story because how could such a great show that was giving TNT such great ratings be cancelled and especially right after all the rumors. Maybe they know something we don't, it won't be the first time that a great show has been cancelled when it was getting so good.

In case you haven't seen the steamy love scene with Marc and Jada take a look below:

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T.I Back in Federal Custody After Being Released From Prison!

  T.I. was released from an Arkansas low-security prison this past Wednesday. Not even enough time to unpack, T.I. was taken back into custody by the Federal Bureau of Prisons on Thursday due to a "transportation issue". T.I. who's real name is Clifford Harris was transported from prison to a halfway house in Atlanta by way of his tinted luxury tour bus. Now according to his lawyer Steve Sadow,
“There appears to be confusion surrounding the method of transportation. We don’t have any more details at this time. We are awaiting the opportunity to quickly resolve whatever the issue may be that the Federal Bureau of Prisons has with T.I.’s method of transportation so that T.I. can return to the halfway house to complete the remaining days of his sentence.”
 I'm not exactly sure how the prison system works but what difference does it make what kind of car, plane bus picks you up from prison. This just sounds so bizzare to me...sounds like they don't want my boy to come home and live his life.
Now other sources are saying that it may not have been the transportation issue but the fact that four other vehicles following the tour bus with the camera crews for his new reality show on VH1. The camera crew, paired with paparazzi who released photos of T.I walking into the Halfway house posed a security breach for not only TI, but the other inmates residing at the Halfway house as well.
According to a writer from the Associated Press reports that:

You can be picked up from prison by whatever mode of transportation you want. Federal authorities can not regulate that. What they can regulate is exposure to federally funded halfway homes. It was not the lavish bus that was the problem per se, but it was the lavish bus, and four car loads of camera crew pulling up to the Federally Funded halfway house that was the issue. In some of the pictures, if you look closely, the name of the facility is even shown. This is a breach of security for not just him, but all other inmates being housed in the halfway house. He is back in federal custody (not to be confused with prison) so that they may move him to another halfway house. Hope this clarity will help your readers.

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Happy 30th Birthday Beyonce'!

Happy Birthday B from the girls of All Girl Talk Radio. Wishing you a beautiful day today and many more to come!