In Skanky News: Sandra Bullock’s Husband’s Tattoo Whore Explains Her “WP” Ink Job

According to Jesse James' tatted up Kat Von D/Marilyn Manson mistress, her "WP" tattoo does not mean "White Power"…but it's definitely something that only a stank a*s whore would put on herself permanently:

In light of the latest in a stream of inaccurate information being circulated about Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, In Touch can exclusively reveal that in addition to playful innuendos, Jesse James and his mistress Michelle also text about one of their many common interests, tattoos.

Michelle even clarifies that she and Jesse were texting about her WP tattoo specifically. "The tattoo stands for Wet P*ssy," Michelle tells In Touch exclusively. "Jesse and I had a conversation about it and he says a lot of his friends have the tattoo." Various reports claim Michelle's tattoo stands for "White Power," Michelle clarified.

Wet P*ssy, huh? SMH. Do y'all believe this ho?

Rihanna… a lil loose in the ass….

A source very close to Rihanna tells BOSSIP that her fight with Chris Brown was much more two-sided than police or media has ever reported, that mugshot photos of Chris have never surfaced because he looked even worse than she did, but after it all went down Chris agreed to take the full blame. At that point the two planned to cool off publicly until the drama blew over, but with so much publicity on them, Rihanna playing the victim role pushed Chris away:

"When the whole situation happened she was dead a*s wrong and was trying to get back with him," the friend tells BOSSIP. "He was like you've taken this a little too far, if you're not going to tell the truth don't dog me and lie and act like you didn't do anything. And when he stopped acting like he was going to stay with her she fu*ked Kanye, Kid Cudi, T.I. before he went to jail and she fu*ked Drake… All within a months' time she fucked everybody."

Tell us what you think..

Anita Baker Facing Jail Time?

On Friday morning Anita Baker was facing jail time after she refused to sign documents as it related to how her royalties are split with ex-husband, Walter Bridgeforth. Bridgeforth was awarded half of her royalties in a divorce settlement reached in 2007.
Last Wednesday Baker was ordered to sign documents to empower court-appointed music contract expert Howard Hertz to seek information from the record companies on the amount owed to Bridgforth.

That deadline passed and Baker refused to sign the papers again on Thursday. As a result, Judge Lita Masini Popke ordered Baker back in court with the instrument to sign the documents or be jailed. Baker complained about being “muzzled.”

She also told the judge that she hadn’t read let alone signed the documents because she had been crying for two days straight. She also noted that it was the label’s fault, not hers that Bridgeforth had not been paid any royalties. However, it seems Anita has reached an agreement with her ex-husband’s attorney to create a process that eventually will decide how much Walter Bridgforth is owed in music royalties as part of the couple’s divorce settlement.

The AP quotes Baker saying:

“I’m so happy. … I have never been in such a position before. And we don’t intend to ever be in such a position ever again. I just wanna go home, and I’m happy to go home. … As horrific as it could have been, it was lovely to feel supported, though, on the other end.”

Lil Wayne denies girlfriend is pregnant

Lil’ Wayne denies that his new rumored girlfriend is pregnant with his child.
THE SPINIn please care about condoms news, Lil’ Wayne has come out to deny claims that baby number 895 is on the way.
In a statement to MTV News Waye said: “Let me clear up this rumor, man: Shanell is not pregnant from me.”

I love the South and the fact that he didn’t bother letting some publicist fancy up his denial.
As for that rumored girlfriend, Shanell is D. Woods’ sister and signed to Wayne’s Young Money label.

On the rumors she said:
“Basically it came from a corny rumor that escalated. First I was dating him, then I was his girlfriend, then we were getting married, then we were settling down and now I’m pregnant. It’s so foolish we haven’t paid it any attention. I don’t care about the rumors, but I just want people to know that I’m not pregnant. I’ve got an album coming out, I’m a dancer, I’m in shape and children are not anywhere in my future.”

I guess now that those two have cleared that rumor up, Wayne can go back to tweeting all of his musings about love.

Ledisi takes fans ‘Higher’ in new clip

Ledisi has just dropped the video for the second single from Turn Me Loose. In “Higher Than This” the singer flashes back to her childhood when she dreamed of using the gift God gave her to become a singer, which we know is a dream she made come true. Ledisi put her personal touch all over Turn Me Loose, but this particular track was deeply personal for her.
 "Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis (song producers) really pushed me on 'Higher Than This,’” she said of the inspirational tune. “They made me stretch as a songwriter and become a stronger woman. This song is classic Jam and Lewis."

Taken from S2S Magizine

Precious’ wins big at Image Awards

Precious scored six wins at the 41st Annual NAACP Image Awards over the weekend.

 The film swept the awards taking the prize in every category it was nominated in. The big win of the night went to Gabourey Sidibe, who took out the award for Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture. She’d been nominated for several big awards, but had largely been shut out until Sunday.

 “It’s an honor to be nominated, but it’s an honor to win,” said Gabourey as she accepted the award from Chris Rock.

 What should have been a perfect evening for the newcomer hit a sour note when the cast and crew of Precious received the prize for Outstanding Motion Picture, when Director Lee Daniels, who also won the award for Outstanding Directing in a Motion Picture, made a huge gaffe during his acceptance speech.

 "No one in Hollywood told me they wanted to see a movie about a 350-pound black girl who had HIV,” he blurted out before quickly correcting his flub. "She's not 350 pounds, Gabby…but the book says…before you were hired."
 Although Gabby was visibly upset by the comment, she was gracious in checking him for the slip and in accepting his profuse apologies off stage.

Mo’Nique added another statuette to her trophy case by winning Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture. Odds were definitely in Precious’ favor in this category as both Mariah Carey and Paula Patton were also up for the award.

 Tyler Perry also had a good night at the Image Awards. His “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” dominated in the sitcom categories, including Outstanding Comedy Series. Tyler was honored to win the award, and he explained the driving force behind his creative vision during his time onstage.

 “I wanted to use my television show to not only make us laugh but to show us we don’t just have to act in the sitcom, we can own the show and the network,” said Tyler. “I wanted to use giving and philanthropy to show us that we don’t have to be at the end of the line waiting for a hand out, we can be at the front giving the hand up. And I wanted to own a studio to show us, we don’t have to wait for somebody to give us 40 acres and a mule, we can buy our own.

" “House of Payne” stars Cassi Davis, Lance Gross and Keisha Knight-Pulliam also took home awards for their parts in the series.

This was taken from Sister 2 Sister Magizine

Heart felt prayers for GURU....

Guru, a rapper from the pioneering hip-hop group Gang Starr, is in a coma after suffering a heart attack over the weekend; DJ Premier, the other half of Gang Starr, first confirmed the news on his Sirius Satellte Radio Show Sunday.
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The 43 year-old, whose real name is Keith Elam, will reportedly undergo surgery Monday in a New York City hospital.
Hip-hop producer Solar, who works with the rapper, tells "Guru is struggling with a serious health issue. We appreciate all your love and well wishes. we continue to hold out hope that Guru will make a full recovery from this, and ask that his privacy on this matter be respected. Again Thank you for all your support through this trying time."
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Guru -- whose last solo album Guru 8.0 was released last May -- was named #45 in a "Top 50 MCs of Our Time" list at