Kourtney is a new mom!

Kourtney Kardashian gives birth to a bouncing baby boy! Little Mason Dash Disick came in weighing 7lbs, 60z and 19.5 inches long. Congrats Kourtney, and remember they only stay babies for a minute.

Charlie Murphy loses his wife to Cancer

This time of all times is the worst time to lose a loved one. Our deepest sympathy does out to Charlie Murphy and his family during these times.

Charlie Murphy lost his wife of 12 years to cancer, Tisha Murphy had been battling cancer for about a year and on Sunday December 13, 2009 she was called to glory. The two had been married since 1997 and had two children.

True Confessions!

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Disney Has Done it again! The Princes and the Frog!

Disney has done it again with the release of the Princes and the Frog, this is truly a must see for both the young and the old. With a all star cast, Anika Noni Rose (Tiana), Oprah Winfrey (Eudora), Terrence Howard(James), John Goodman (Big Daddy)and so many others, it was funny, entertaining and there was even a point when I wanted to cry. I don’t usually Blog about movies, I’m not a movie Critic, but I was so impressed by this rendition of the Princes and the Frog I just had to letcha know.

Check out our very own lil Princess , we turned the day into our very own Princes Day out Party…

Your Never to old to wear your crown!

OBAMA Accepts the Nobel Peace Prize..

Calling Obama the "Man" is no understatement, not only is he the first African American President, but he is only the 4th president to get a Nobel Peace Prize.

Listen to this bull shit!

All I have to say is "Listen to this bull shit!" Im so mad right now! DAM Tiger why!

Nelly.... and Jessica WHo?

Oh... I see "Never trust a big but and a smile" Nelly you better remember that! So ima leave it up to y'all to verify this for me, but it's been reported but not confirmed that Nelly and Jessica Rabbit are dating... I wonder why they call her that? that cant be her real last name. You know Rabbits like to thump... hummm

Ashanti.. girl don't worry, he'll be back, everything good to you ain't always good for you!

Christina and the Dream

Ok, just cause you got a lil cash don't mean you have to always be BIG time.... The Dream and Christiana were married in September and are expecting there first child in February. No they didn't have a elaborate wedding, and no he didn't buy her a huge diamond. Smart couple, I say don't waste it all on a day that is going to come and go. I hope they are happy and we cant wait to see what the baby will look like. Congrats!

LeToya Luckett is doing her thang yall....Big Time

It's time to give this girl the spot light, shit if you ask me LeToya was the voice of D.C. ima leave it like that. This young lady is multi talented, outgoing, naturally beautiful and did I say she can really sang! LeToya recently appeared on the MoNique show, and talked about her new album and her two (2) boutiques. Wonder if she got any H.O.D. for sale...

Kellz Vs. Songz.... Really?

Whats wrong with these new comers trying go hard at the vet's... Dam Trey "MAN DOWN" you know dam well you cant boss up at the boss. Here's a clip of Kellz addressing his haters(Trey Songz) by Skee TV.

Miriah is getting ready to hit the road

It's been reported that Mariah will step out and tour to promote her new album at the top of the year. How do you all think it's going to go for her, hell it's been such a long time since she toured I'm for one a skeptic. The 39 year old diva’s first stop on the trek will apparently be her upcoming New Years Eve concert at New York’s Madison Squared Garden. Do she really expect to do what Jay Z did?

Seal and Heidi share their little Bundle of Joy with us.

All I got to say is "they make some good looking babies" aint nothing wrong with being fruitful if you producing some good fruit! Lou is the third child for Seal, 46and Klum, 36, who married in 2005 in all the couple has four children; Heidi has one from her ex-boyfriend Flavio Briatore.

Check out the new pictures of the new bundle of joy!

Keyshia Cole is Preggo ya'll!

First of all let me say, I was wondering where Keyshia was hiding.. I aint mad that after she snagged herself a NBA playa, she went into hiding. Dam I wish, I had of snagged me one two! But now baby makes three! it's been rumored that Keyshia is somewhere between 6 and 7 months pregnant and Daniel "Boobie" Gidson is her baby daddy! Well Ms. Keyshia.... Congrats!

Looks like the Katt got let out of the BAG!

Our only question is, why would you (Katt) need to break in somebodies house and steal anything? What's up with all the screaming fools waiting for him to get released.

Take a sneak peek for yourself...

Who'd ever thought we'd see these two in the same video. Check out "Video Phone' featuring Lady GaGa by Beyoncé

"Check out this great MSN Video": 'Video Phone' featuring Lady GaGa by Beyoncé

Trey Songz "shows off" at his 25th birthday party.

No not a CAT FIGHT but let's try and say two beefcakes butting heads...
It's been reported that R&B star Joe and Trey Songz got into a bit of a brawl in the VIP section of Trey's birthday party.... DAM I would love to have seen them take their shirts off and go for some!

So much to catch up on... humm where do we start!


Did Tiger get tha beat down from his wife? Was there another woman involved and the cover got blown? Dam... of all people we never thought that cute lil Tiger would be a cheater! See for your self what he had to say.
<a href="http://msn.foxsports.com/video?vid=6d0c8884-fa8b-4cdc-b2c8-1dc91003bee5&from=IV2_en-us_foxsports_articles" target="_new" title="Tiger&#39;s neighbor calls 911">Video: Tiger&#39;s neighbor calls 911</a>

Bless Roxwell.... Who's that Girl

Bless Roxwell is a female Hip Hop Artist working hard to make her mark in the world of Hip Hop and music. All Girl Talk, had the pleasure of interviewing Bless, hands down this is a phenomenal woman.

Being introduced to music at an early age, Bless has always known this was something that she was meant to do. Bless was birthed by The Golden Age of Hip-Hop. Always reading and writing poetry & short stories, "My older brother was writing rhymes, performing and recording. So, as a little one, I wasn't just listening to all the classics that helped shape the game, but experiencing the creative process behind them as well".

The 2005 self release of her first full-length project, "8.2-3.95", solidified that progression and garnered heavy interest and praise, as well as earning Ms. Roxwell a solid fan base of support among the die-hard and hard to please hip hop fans. It also got the attention of Blackout Ink Records, which re-released it in 2006 and an alliance was born.

So, these days, you'll find Bless writing her blog "RANDOM REVOLUTIONS" which features her series, "She's So Fresh" Fridayz! where she profiles female MC's and women in Hip Hop. She's also writing and recording her newest project, a free mixtape for her fans, "revolutions", in addition to rocking shows and promoting tracks from her third effort, "Bless Roxwell:evolutions", released in 2008. Production on "Bless Roxwell:evolutions" was again spearheaded by the one and only, beat-wizard Ayatollah, however the two tracks from newcomer MFutures have been well received by exploring a new sound and claiming new fans for Ms. Roxwell.

With that said, AGT encourages yall to support this emerging DIVA as she shows us that Hip Hop is Alive and the women are holding it down.
You can follow Bless on twiter @blessroxwell !

Did you miss the Battle of the Sexes?

The Battle of the Sexes aired live on Saturday October 17, 2009 on All Girl Talk Radio..

We had a blast, and ladies I have to tell you, the men really held it down on the show. First of all most of the women slated to be on the panel didn't appear, humm ? But never fear the show went own and the ladies of All Girl Talk represented the ladies well. Catch me and my home girls on Wednesday for Pillow Talk Live, this show for the very grown and very sexy, so before you log on put the babies to bed and be ready for some good conversations... So log on to http://www.allgirltalkradio.com/ to catch our archived shows and for future shows and events.

Second Season for Tiny and Toya!!!


BET is really acting out of desperation, are they hurting for quality shows? Why is Tiny and Toya returning? These ladies are who? and they did what? OHHHHHH, ok so we are making them famous because they are baby momma's of celebrity men. Dam who do I need to have a baby for, so I can get my own show!

BET, don't let the drag of reality shows bring your station ratings down as a whole, if yall don't get it right and get it tight, yall gone loose big time. Where is Free and AJ, why don't you bring us the people that brought us to BET!

Kandi, All GIrl Talk is praying for you and your family...

Everyone has been asking me why I haven't blogged about the tragic death of AJ, Kandi's ex-fiance. We'll I'll say this, I like Kandi, and I respect her and what she's gone through there are already enough blogger's blogging her personal business so I'll leave that up to them. I will however acknowledge the fact that this young lady has been through so much over that last few months, I hope she remembers that GOD would not place nothing on you that he thinks you cant bear. With that said, Kandi, keep your head up, remember that everything happens for a reason and there is light at the end of this very dark tunnel. If you have a belief in GOD, the rest every night knowing the you will soon see your loved one again.

Mo'Nique... So what do yall think of the show?

I love MoNique, I love her style, her spirit and her talent.... but I have to question if she was ready for a late night talk show. It's only been two show's so ima give her break and wait and see if it gets any better. Firt thing first.... Mo... please, please ima need you to pump your breaks a lil and turn the volume down about 12 notches.... Secondly, Who's your stylist? what's with the church cloths? and last but not least.... Are the writers style on strike or are you trying to wing it with the content on the show???? I'm not complaining, i'm just sayin...

Ms. Jessi Jordan

The ladies of All Girl Talk Radio had the pleasure of Spending a fun filled evening with POP STAR SENSATION Ms. Jessi Jordan. Jessi is a very talented, well spoken and high spirited young lady, and it shows in her music.

When Jessi Jordan was a little girl, she would sing along on with her mini tape recorder to Madonna and Janet Jackson hits. And she would get swept away to the sounds of Whitney Houston and New Edition. The precocious child would dance around her 3 story Brooklyn, New York home and sing to a full audience every night… all 14 of her family dogs. Yes, 14!

Jessi is a girl who began singing before she could talk and who began talking at 10 months old. At age 2, she began singing solos in her grandfather’s church choir. By age 12, she had written her first song. At 14, she began performing at local talent shows and events in and around the New York Metropolitan Area. At age 17, she became one of a select handful of young women to earn admission to and attend Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science. While attending Columbia and preparing to become an Industrial Engineer, Jessi longed for a career doing the music that made her so happy growing up.

It isn't rare for a pop star to be a triple threat however it is rare to meet one that is a music producer, a songwriter and a singer. Jessi Jordan is that rare pop star and in following her intuition, has earned the right to reach for the sky.

If you missed the live interview, log on to www.blogtalkradio.com/allgirltalk007 and catch the archived show. Jessi CD "Intuition" is now available on iTunes!

Pillow Talk Live welcomes Mr. Jay Michaelz

What a hot evening it was with the ladies of All Girl Talk Radio, we had the pleasure of interviewing Detroit's newest R&B sensation Mr. Jay Michaelz! Jay is a very talented young brother whose voice is like "butter" listening to him was soothing, and very refreshing. His new CD "Uncle Chocolate Verse II" is set to release on September 26th, this is truly one you don't want to sleep on.
Ain't nothing like a good piece of chocolate to "Melt in your mouth, not in your hands"! Jay you have 4 new fans, let's go get'em baby!

Our Girl is Back on the BIG SCREEN!

Jill Scott is back and this time she's playing a mean momma on a life time movie that's set to release sometime in 2010... Wow talk about an advance notice huh, well keep your eyes and ears open I'm sure she'll give us something to keep us busy in the meantime.

Momma's Always right...

Kandi and AJ has called it quits, and he's out of the house....

So, I guess it's safe to say that momma knows best huh? Well despite all the hard work the two put in to prove momma wrong, Kandi's mom prevailed! No details on how the break up happened, but I'm sure some will surface very soon.

If you missed Whitney on Oprah; take a quick look


This has truly been a heavy year for us, as the entertainment world has lost yet another Icon...

I was introduced to Patrick Swayze through the movies GHOST, and DIRTY DANCING, today his family and his many fans morn his death.

MSN reported this: "Swayze’s publicist Annett Wolf says the 57-year-old “Dirty Dancing” actor died Monday with family at his side. He came forward about his illness last spring, but continued working as he underwent treatments.

It was 1987 when Swayze became a star with his performance in “Dirty Dancing,” a coming-of-age story set in a Catskills resort. The 1990 film “Ghost” cemented his status as a screen favorite. "

He will truly be missed...RIP PATRICK SWAYZE

Dwight is starting a clothing line?


First of all, how you going to just walk up on stage while this girl is accepting her award and take the mic out her hand? Then apologize for doing it, after you do it? Come on Kanye, why must you make such a mockery of yourself every time? Weren't you taught to think about your actions first? Do you ever stop and think about how you make yourself look to all those who just might admire you?
Dam, enough is enough; talk about taking shit for granted, well if it were up to me I'd give you a lesson on tough love, and strip you of any award you have ever won, and then pull all your shit off the market and make you into the nobody you so want to be. Amber Rose better open her eyes and see you for the asshole that you really are, and run the fuck the other way…
And that came straight from the mouth of the Rambunctious Angie....now snatch that!

Random pictures from the 2009 VMA's


Lady GAGA shows up with Kermit the frog as her date, wonder if she going to his pad afterwards?

Madonna leaves us in tears as she pay's tribute to Michael Jackson..

Janet Delivers! Janet performed in honor of her brother Michael, and she brought the house down... Jackson style!

Beyonce is one bad B!

Kanye Act's like his usual asshole self.. Would we have it anyother way? Sorry Taylor...

Lauren London is a mommy!

Congratulations Lauren!

Lauren London, seen here with Tisha Campbell (who delivered her second son earlier this week) has delivered her first baby boy (and Waynes 4th). Mom and baby are well and healthy, reports say that Wayne was there to welcome his new son into the world. In a report that was released early on, the two confirmed that they are no longer an item, but have agreed to raised their child together. Good Luck Guys!
Special Congrats to Tisha Campbel Martin who welcome a bouncing baby boy last week
Nicole Richie with the arrival of her second son "Sparrow" also last week..

Ludacris Play's Santa, The Dream and C. Mili get hitched,Eddie Griffin goes for broke

It's Christmas in September!

Talk about Christmas in September!: Grammy-winning rapper Ludacris gave away 20 cars to people who wrote about their struggles to keep a jobs because they didn't have transportation.

Ludacris said he was taken aback after reading thousands of essays by people struggling or unable to buy cars needed to get to and from work or find jobs.

People are getting laid off, and now are looking for jobs," Ludacris said. "To be efficient, you need some transportation of your own to get there. That's why I wanted to give back to those who need it."

The Dream and C. Mili get hitched!

Ugh! Why, Why Vegas! what happened to the fairy tale wedding, what happened to the knight in shinny armor? YUCK!

TMZ.com reports that the couple held a secret wedding at the Little White Wedding Chapel at about midnight on Friday. It was a small ceremony and the couple each rented their attire. Christina’s whole bridal ensemble, from the veil to the shoes, ran her $200. Her hubby’s tux and accessories cost him $100

Eddie Griffen Going Broke!!

Ok, so I guess it's safe to say "when the money get low, make a reality show!"

Eddie used to be the boss hog of comedy, so what the hell happened? Well, most of his money went to supporting his family, including his eight kids, two ex-wives, four baby mamas and his nephew.

Let's not forget to mention, Eddie’s uncle also wants a little seed money so he can start his own porn empire. Let’s not leave out Eddie’s penchant for partying. Eddie is a generous guy, so he doesn't mind taking care of his people, but that giving spirit is bleeding him dry. But if there is anyone that can help set Eddie straight, it’s his mom Doris. Check out how she handles things in his house below.

All I got to say is K. Cole you better take note!


It was reported by TMZ that DJ AM, was found dead in his apartment earlier today dead. His friends had not heard from him in a couple of days so they went to his place to check on him, after getting no answer from knocking at the door they called the fire department who in turn came to the apartment and found the DJ dead.
It was also reported that drugs may have been the cause of his untimely death. You may remember DJ AM from escaping death in 2008 when he was involved in a plane crash that killed four people.

From the Ladies of All Girl Talk Radio, RIP DJ AM

The real Fantasia and Kandi...Girls just want to have fun

Usher is a free man!

Ladies I'ma make this quick and to the point.... I haven't confirmed this but not that it matters to some, it's been reported that Usher and Tamika are officially Divorced. That's right your boy is back on the market, but if your not the step momma type don't step to him. The financial arrangements haven't been released but Usher says he will be taking care of his sons... GO BOY!

Now, I'm not throwing salt on Ms. Tamika, she seems to be a pretty cool chick and one thing that stands out to me is, she gives back to her community. I follow her on twitter (along others) and she's appears to be a very positive person, doing good things for her community and her family. So hat's off to Tamika, and girl keep your head up, we don't know the details of your marriage, but we do know you were blessed with two beautiful boys from it.

Good luck to Usher and Tamika with what ever the future holds for both of them!