"Until We Meet Again" Oprah's Farewell!

Oprah tells her fans,"I won't say goodbye. I'll just say...until we meet again." Before she then says, "Glory be to God" and quietly walks of the stage.

Oprah Winfery to me has always been my "Mother" in my head. She has been my "go to" girl in many different ways. If not only speaking for myself but I hope for every woman, especially black women. Oprah has encouraged us all in so many ways. Her show has personally taught me alot and I have gotten many lessons out of her show. Her show will be greatly missed by millions of viewers, but it's time for another icon to grace the stage. Oprah's era is done, now who will rise to the occasion? In case you missed the farewell show, here's a peak at what you missed.

LisaRay Mccoy Talks About Her New Show "Single Ladies" On The Wendy Williams Show

Jadakiss Travels to The Motherland!

Jadakiss films his trip to Swaziland where he meets with the Royal Family before performing for an AIDS benefit. Over 25% of the adult population is living with HIV. It is said that the life expectancy in Swaziland in 2011 is 32 years of age.

R.I.P- M-Bone (Member of the group Cali Swag District)

The Staff here at AGTR were very saddened by the death of M-Bone, member of the group Cali Swag District. Better known as CSD, this group came through with force with their hit song entitled "Teach Me How To Dougie".

Sources have revealed that after touring with the group M-Bone, went back home to L.A. where he was involved with a girl. Maybe the girl had a crazy ex boyfriend or even a stalker who was either hating on ya boy or simply not wanting any other man to have her. Nowadays social media such as Facebook and Twitter can always stir up some mess. Seems this situation was no different. Sources say that M-Bone and the guy were going H.A.M. (arguing) on Twitter. Now from there the guy wanted to show Bone better than he could tell him. Supposedly the guy rides down on Bone and precedes to firing rounds, shooting Bone multiple times in the head. ~Sigh~ Then it was said that the guy then made a U-turn to go back to see if the man was dead, can you say PREMEDITATED?

Our hearts go out to M-Bone's family and his group members. This is just so sad because not only are these men on the brink of greatness, but they are babies. M-Bone's real name is Montae Talbert and he was only 22 years old.

Posted By: Angie B

Jesus Take The Wheel!: Woman Found Guilty Of Killing Baby In Microwave

Friday morning at 11:40a, the verdict ruled China Arnold guilty of aggravated murder for the death of her 28 day old baby, Parris Talley.

Although the murder occurred in 2005, China has since had 3 trials and as the saying goes, "third times a charm". There seemed to be many different witnesses to this case, alot of rumors and twisted words. But in the end the truth always prevails.

It had been stated that China told another inmate, while in jail, that "she was sorry and didn't mean to do it". Maybe she should have kept those words to herself, cause you know you can't trust no snitch in jail, seems that her statement was taken into consideration during this last trial. Seems there's not much information as to why she did it. Speaking as a mother myself, I personally don't understand why people do such harsh things such as this. Some people have killed their babies in such gruesome ways, such as putting babies in washing machines and driers. Becoming a new mother is definitely a stressful time and some suffer from post par-tum worse than others. I'm not sure if this was the case here, but whatever it was, she should be locked under the prison.

Monday morning the Judge will decide her fate when they sentence her. Arnold could be facing the death penalty. Do you think she should get cooked?

Posted By: Angie B

Are You Feelin' Raven's "New" Look?



I have to admit, when I first saw the new look, I was like, Aww Hell Naw! LOL Only because I was so used to how she used to look. But after a while her new look grew on me and Raven is HOTT! You have to admit that sometimes we can get into our comfort zones and get kinda "possessive" about our certain celebs that we follow.

I was so into the whole voluptuosness (Yeah I said it) look of Raven just one year ago. I thought she was just gorgeous to be quite honest. I'm a black woman and I so feel my sistas that strut their curves with style and grace. We Rock! But apparently "You know who?" thought differently.

Let us not forget that Raven is the star in the New Hit Show on ABC Family "State of Georgia". Raven told People Magazine, "I thought I looked fabulous before and nobody else did," she tells PEOPLE. "So, whatever." Girl I thought you did too, but you know what time it is when it comes to Hollywood. In order to make that cash, you gotta do what you gotta do. Behind the scenes "Team Raven" has a whole lot of families to feed, I'm almost positive, so she has to pay the bills.

Besides we all need to be healthy and do what it takes to stay that way. What do you think? Although Raven was not huge before, could she have possibly gotten some type of "plastic" work done? Either way Raven, I think you look great!

Posted By: Angie B

Football Wives Gone Wild:Yet Another Player Gets Stabbed!

Oh Boy. I guess as the saying goes what's done in the dark will come to light. Whether it be the NFL, NBA or the US Army, these men that abuse their wives and girlfriends should be held accountable for their actions. Now I retrieved this video as a tool, not only to support women, but to bring to the table what's real. The Real Deal is that abuse in any relationship, no matter the kind of abuse, is dangerous and can lead to a dead end literally. With Rasheedah Watley, she could have been one of those that didn't make it out of that relationship alive. Not to say that Brandon is a murderer, but sometimes in abusive relationships, a person's personality can change.

It can get so bad to the point where you have this one outrageous fight, and boy don't let liquor play a factor, a person can end up dead...quick. Before you know it you wake up in the county jail wondering, WTF just happened. Oh and fellas, I know that there are two sides to every story, but some men are just low down, womanizing, manipulative, predatory creatures. If that's not you than you don't have anything to get upset about. The news and many gossip blogs seem to get down more so on the women and not getting to the root of the matter and that's that domestic violence is real. It doesn't change from relationship to relationship.

The abuser is the same person, they may have changed their look up a bit, but believe me, that heart is still the same. So it's no surprise that Brandon has had problems in his new relationship with his wife. Any abuser needs to seek help or else the cycle will just continue to grow and the children, if involved, will pick those same traits up unfortunately. So where does it end?

When It's All Said & Done!: Chrissy Throws In The Wedding Towel?

Well, well ,well looks like there won't be a wedding in the works for Chrissy anytime soon. Hmmmm, was it something I said? LOL Let's recap from my previous post about Chrissy proposing to Jimmy. I stated that personally I'm a traditional girl, so I feel as though the man should propose to the woman who he has chosen to spend the rest of his life with. That's just me. Miss Chrissy took it upon herself to take that risk and from the look on her face when she threw those wedding magazines on the curb, she has alot on her plate. Well sometimes you just can't rush things. Live life and let what's suppose to happen...happen. You just can't force certain things and marriage... definitely not one of things. Let the chips fall as they may.