Have you seen this MAN!

Here you are ladies, take a close look and make a mental note, this is a guy who certainly has nothing to offer, that's unless you want to be a "step baby momma of 21 children" and have baby momma drama from 11 angry women (or are they?).
This picture should be posted on Milk cartons, as a warning label. The more I think about it, the more pissed off I become, and the sad part is, I can't be mad at JUST him, what about the ladies? Was the penis that good? What makes it ok for you to add to the clan of children that this man already has? Do you not understand that unless he signs a multimillion dollar contract for some NBA team there is absolutely nothing he can do for you or his children? I have so many questions, I need to ask, and I’d love to hear from either Desmond himself or one of the eleven women that succumbed to him and his monster penis.
Get at your Ladies of All Girl Talk and let’s talk about it!

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