First of all, how you going to just walk up on stage while this girl is accepting her award and take the mic out her hand? Then apologize for doing it, after you do it? Come on Kanye, why must you make such a mockery of yourself every time? Weren't you taught to think about your actions first? Do you ever stop and think about how you make yourself look to all those who just might admire you?
Dam, enough is enough; talk about taking shit for granted, well if it were up to me I'd give you a lesson on tough love, and strip you of any award you have ever won, and then pull all your shit off the market and make you into the nobody you so want to be. Amber Rose better open her eyes and see you for the asshole that you really are, and run the fuck the other way…
And that came straight from the mouth of the Rambunctious snatch that!

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