Who the hell is THE WHO?

Ok, now maybe it was before my time, or maybe im just not that into music as I thought I was. But I have to ask… Who the hell is The Who?


Who they are: The Who is an English rock band from 1964; wait a minute I want even born yet! And they were there why?


After all the controversy, The Who finally made it to the Super Bowl last night (Feb. 7).  And boy did it suck. In the legion of Super Bowl half-time performances, this one is either going to be swept swiftly under the carpet or will be held up as a new low point for ageing rockers not knowing when to retire. 

Roger Daltry gurned like Gary Busey throughout this strained performance, while Pete Townsend was barely able to hoist his arm up in the air for his famous "windmill" guitar strokes. There were lasers and mod symbols (and mod cymbals), but none of this was enough to make up for the awfulness of a band who should have called it a day years ago.


So, I have one question, who is who's grand kid or even better great grand kid and how much did they get paid to get grand pa that gig!


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