Jai’s Juice for Week 06/06/10

Ok, so you said it and now we are delivering it! You wanted us to post Jai's juices so not only can you go and get it from www.allgirltalkradio.com but we are going to blog it each and every week for ya!

I really hope this is rumor—Gary Coleman could not be laid to rest this week due to family argument!

R.I.P To Ali Woodson of the Temptations dies at the age of 58.

So Mariah Carey is PREGO—CONGRADS

NENE LEAKES of Atlanta Housewives is getting a divorce

Wow Damon Dash is been sue for 1 million dollars by his own damn son! WTF

Khole Kardashian is NOT pregnant!

I knew this was coming Lit Kim and Nikki Mahj are officially beefing. Lit Kim expressed her concerns at a concert in Queens, NY. The Queen Bee is she above wigs and Nikki can have them…

WWF lost the UNDERTAKER— has passed away at the age of 57.

How many WINDOW SEATS were available at CHENE PARK, yesterday! ERICA BADU was expected to appear at Chene Park in Detroit Mi after the crowd waited a freaking hour—she cancelled! Hell

Rue Mc Clanahan, Who played

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