Royce Reed Leaving Basketball Wives?

 Royce Reed of VH1's Basketball Wive's Miami, stated on Twitter recently that due to "artistic differences" she may not be returning for the show's 4th season. Wow does that surprise you at all? I thought she would have left the show a long time ago. Apparently "artistic differences" may be nothing more than "money differences". Tami Roman of the show also tweeted that she (Royce) may not be the only one. Well damn....seems that once these "reality" stars get famous they want more money and if that's not the case....then they walk. As the ole saying goes..."Money talks, bull**** walks.

Royce's Tweet
Royce Reed Twet

Tami's Follow-up Tweet
Tami Roman Tweet

If you watch the show will you still be watching with Royce gone?

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