Gone Too Soon!: Heavy D Dies at 44

  So sad to hear that we have lost another great entertainer in the African American community. Dwight Arrington Myers, aka Heavy D colleaped Tuesday as a result from respiratory problems. Heavy was born in Jamaica and raised in Queens, New York. Heavy D was wel known for embracing himself and showing everyone that he was indeed the 'overweight' lover. Heavy will definitely be leaving his mark on this industry and will truly be missed. Although he was the "overweight" lover you couldn't tell in his dance moves. Our hearts go out to his family. One of the songs I hear ringing in my head now is, "We Got Our Own Thang" a timeless classic, I've posted the video below as well as the colab he did with the late MJ, "Jam":

Our sources reveal that it will be a while before exact cause of death will be determined.
The L.A. County coroner's office said it probably will be six weeks before officials determine the cause of rapper Heavy D's death.Ed Winter, a coroner's spokesman, said no illegal drugs were found at Heavy D's Beverly Hills home, but a doctor had prescribed him a drug after the rapper, 44, experienced a cough.The coroner plans toxicology tests, which are common in cases when a relatively young, healthy person dies unexpectedly. An autopsy was expected to occur in the next two days.
"We need to see what's in his system," Winter said.
Winter said Heavy had recently returned from a trip to London.
Heavy D was stricken Tuesday returning to his Beverly Hills condominium after a shopping trip and died a short time later at a hospital, authorities said.
Heavy D experienced breathing problems at his condo complex on Maple Drive and then collapsed.

Heavy And MJ "Jammin" together now!

RIP Heavy D!

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