#SMH Edition-Whitney Houston Flat Out Broke!?!

 Lately it's been reported that ya girl Whitney is "flat-out" broke. Sources are saying that Houston has had to borrow small loans from friends and close family members, even going so far as to call someone and ask for $100. Sources are also reporting that 48 year old Houston is currently so broke that her music Label Arista Records is "pulling" her weight. Now I myself am not sure what to believe but with a $6000 a day habit, it doesn't surprise me. It's been a couple of years now since Houston has re-surfaced with her new Album entitled, I Look to You, that apparently didn't sell enough albums to get her back in the game.

 I have never been the one to slam on Whitney even when she was going through her addition with ex-husband Bobby Brown. So I have faith in my girl that with her new movie, co-starring with Jordin Sparks, and hopefully more new records coming that she will gain much success in the future. But $100 Mil just gone....I don't Whitney.

Whitney Houston and co-star Jordin Sparks In New Movie coming in August
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