You missed a hot show on Saturday but it's not to late to check it out.

If you missed the show on Saturday it's not to late go check it out, go over to and catch the archived version of the show. In the mean time here is what the Conservative Ms. Tika had to say.

" "Social Networks" have they gone too far? Whatever, whoever and whenever you're looking for something, you're bound to find it via the Internet highway, route SN (Social Networking). The Social Network is a great way to network, keep in touch in addition to being an avenue for tons of information. This is the day of face book, MySpace, twitter and LinkedIn. Because of these social networks, we don't even have to pick up the phone. Well, those are my thoughts. What are yours?"

Well there it is, straight with no chaser, from your girl; you can catch Tika's thoughts at the end of every show each and every Saturday evening on AGTR so don't miss it. That Saturday's at 6pm eastern standard time on and meet the ladies on

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