Bless Roxwell.... Who's that Girl

Bless Roxwell is a female Hip Hop Artist working hard to make her mark in the world of Hip Hop and music. All Girl Talk, had the pleasure of interviewing Bless, hands down this is a phenomenal woman.

Being introduced to music at an early age, Bless has always known this was something that she was meant to do. Bless was birthed by The Golden Age of Hip-Hop. Always reading and writing poetry & short stories, "My older brother was writing rhymes, performing and recording. So, as a little one, I wasn't just listening to all the classics that helped shape the game, but experiencing the creative process behind them as well".

The 2005 self release of her first full-length project, "8.2-3.95", solidified that progression and garnered heavy interest and praise, as well as earning Ms. Roxwell a solid fan base of support among the die-hard and hard to please hip hop fans. It also got the attention of Blackout Ink Records, which re-released it in 2006 and an alliance was born.

So, these days, you'll find Bless writing her blog "RANDOM REVOLUTIONS" which features her series, "She's So Fresh" Fridayz! where she profiles female MC's and women in Hip Hop. She's also writing and recording her newest project, a free mixtape for her fans, "revolutions", in addition to rocking shows and promoting tracks from her third effort, "Bless Roxwell:evolutions", released in 2008. Production on "Bless Roxwell:evolutions" was again spearheaded by the one and only, beat-wizard Ayatollah, however the two tracks from newcomer MFutures have been well received by exploring a new sound and claiming new fans for Ms. Roxwell.

With that said, AGT encourages yall to support this emerging DIVA as she shows us that Hip Hop is Alive and the women are holding it down.
You can follow Bless on twiter @blessroxwell !

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