Angie’s Music Picks for December

Ok, so this is what I do, I go out and preview all the new music that is set to release for the month and give you my top picks, I’m not saying that the music that didn’t make my list is trash, I’m just saying preview it for yourself first… I am who I am and I do what I do… these are my picks for December!

R-Kelly is BACK!!!!!!

Ok….. I’m sure you already knew who was going to be on the top of my list for December! Yeah BABY Kellz is back and I’m ovulating. The perfect set up to make a new baby brother for my youngest daughter. His comeback performance on the VMA’s was the perfect jump start for his musical comeback. R-Kelly’s album titled “Love Letter “ will hit stores on December 14th --------AGT previewed it and gives ità ***** 5 stars!

Take a look at R Kelly's "When a Woman Loves"

Diddy Done---Done it again!!!

DIDDY’s Dirty Money is finally dropping the much anticipated album “Last Train to Paris”, now yawl know how I do it, I keep it real… Diddy don’t get me wrong I love your bopping ass, but why you gotta always slap your name on something like you really doing the dam thang… Im just saying!  Any who, Last Train to Paris is set to release on December 14th finally, I’ve taken a sneak peak into the album and DAM YOU DIDDY! You’ve done it again!!
It’s hot -----AGT previewed it and  gives it----***** 5 stars!  

Check out MY favorite video, "Hello Good Morning" --REMIX!!!

Also Look out for:

Kandi Burruss new album …….."Kandi Koated" --- 12/14/10

Keyshia Cole new album………."Calling all Hearts"  12/21/10

Ciara’s new album……………….."Basic Instinct" 12/14/10

El Debarge new album…………."Second chance"  In stores now


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