The Rambunctious Angie’s March Movie Picks….

The real life story of Beauty and the Beast… I don’t know it’s something about the name “Beastly” that just turns me on… the thought of a guy turning into a creature (a weird kind of sexy one) , Having to go through this humbling experience to see that bad he imposed on others… check out BEASTLY in theatres March 4rd
Check out the Trailer !

Ok, so I must admit, when I first got wind that there was going to be a Big Momma’s House 3 I was NOT going to see it… But the inner child in me made me. To my surprise I was very entertained; it was great to see Brandon T Jackson dressed (from my home town) and Martin Lawrence get together for this full of action and comedy filled flick! Go check it out.. it’s in theatres now!

Check out the trailer!

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