Will Bobbi Kristina be checking into rehab soon?


Wow, now this one doesn't come as a shocker at all. Unfortunately. Now I could never knock the children in any situation. You are to expect certain things from children because that's just what they are. We also know that we are influenced by those closest to us, especially our parents. It's no secret that Whitney Houston, mother of Bobbi Kristina, has had her own share of drug problems in the past. So who's to blame in this child's recent string of events? In recent news, it has been stated that Whitney Houston has taken away her daughters' Lexus convertible, and has ordered her into rehab. Claims have been made that Bobbi Kristina is denying that she's going to rehab. She posted this statement on twitter:

This is what happens when you grow up in a dysfunctional home. Seeing what she say at a young age she could either make one of two choices. Take the high road or follow in her parents footsteps. Sadly, she has chosen the road that's a train wreck waitin to happen. Whitney knows from experience what that lifestyle can bring and I'm sure that's the last thing she wants for her only daughter. Demanding that her daughter go to rehab is just what a mother should do for her child. Mothers always know best! So to Kristina, girl you betta listen to your mother!

Posted By: Angie B

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