Boy How The Tables Have Turned!: Should A Woman Propose To A Man?

Many of you I know have watched "Love and Hip Hop" the new reality show on VH1 starring Jim Jones and his lovely wife to be Chrissy. Now Chrissy recently proposed to Jimmy and the tabloids, blogs, etc. have been buzzing like crazy about this topic. Should women propose to men? In this new day and era, everyone and everything is evolving. Now it's okay for a man to stay home with the kids and the wife goes out and makes the donuts. In today's world it's like, whatever I have to do to survive is what gets us through.
Although many things have changed, roles have reversed in some respects, but personally I feel that some things should stay sacred and the same, if you will. I know, I'm a traditional girl myself, and I feel like in this day and age Miss Independent, wants what she wants and she ain't too proud to beg for it. Sweetie listen if you wait too long for a man to ask for your hand in marriage, than hey it's time to move on. Period...point...blank. I just feel like a woman proposing to a man takes the "fun" of the wedding planning. I thought it said that "a man that findeth a wife findeth a good thing". Ump....well that's just my opinion. Ladies we can't be deseparate. Let that man show you what it is. If you feel that you just have to take that position, live with the consequences to the best of your ability. Go for yours girl!

Posted By: Angie B

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