Ba da da da da I'm Luvin It!: Luda Gives Back To The Youth

I'm so luvin me some Luda right now. Luda loves giving up the LOOT!  Not only is his music HOTT but he's also on fire for giving back to the community. Luda loves the kids, and that inevitable for anyone to see. As of late Luda has partnered with worldwide bookstore Better World Books alongside non-profit organization to launch "Epic Book Drive". The drive is to help libraries in New Orleans restock books. Since Hurrican Katrina there are still many schools and libraries that lack books which ofcourse are essential to a child's education. This "goodwill" that Luda is doing now is only one of the many organizations that he is a part of, including his own organization, The Ludacris Foundation. Luda continually shows his fans and the people that he is dedicated to giving back and focusing solely on our youth. I commend you Luda, keep doing what you do Boo!

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