"Oh No She Didn't" Edition: Fantasia Plans Her Baby Shower Same Day As Her Baby Daddy's Wedding Anniversary!

Fantasia Knocked Up!

Well Damn Tasia's been on the low low with this one. Fantasia Barrino confirmed that she was pregnant less than a month ago and I learned from one of my close sources that she's planning her baby shower on the exact same day as her married baby daddy's anniversary to his estranged wife, Paula Cook. I actually thought that Fanny was done with that married man in  her song entitled "Doin Me" well I guess she was still doin him. Fantasia's baby shower is scheduled for October 1st and she's due the end of December, I'll be sure to keep you posted on the latest.

Seems like Fantasia wants to get Paula any way she can, hasn't that women endured enough?

Posted By: Angie B

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