Monica's New Album "New Life" Drops Oct. 8th

Although Monica's now Happily Married to the love of her life, Shannon Brown, she still knows the pain of heartbreak. Her new album due to drop October 8th brings us some beautiful ballads speaking about new love and no longer dwelling on the old stuff but embracing the new possibilities. She speaks about how he'll only realize what he had after it's already gone. Monica's fan site called MonicaSoul had a live chat stream a few weeks back and Monica revealed some details about her new album:

I talk about a lot of different subjects, whether it’s love, heartache, happiness, family.

The music will be a lot like ‘Still Standing’ in the sense that it’s real and really about things that I’ve experienced, but it’s also from a very mature place. The greatest thing that happened to me is to learn forgiveness and acceptance. In this state of mind it’s easy for me to make music about where I’ve been and where I’m going and do it in a positive manner.
This will be Mo's 7th album and I'm sure it will be HOTT. She's been working with her usual crew on the album such as producers Polo Da Don, Missy and Jermaine Dupri. In case you haven't seen the new video "Anything (To Find You)" take a peek now! This video was shot by none other than the great Chris Robinson and it gives a 90's feel to it, she's gettin her MJB on in this one, I love it!!

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