Rihanna… a lil loose in the ass….

A source very close to Rihanna tells BOSSIP that her fight with Chris Brown was much more two-sided than police or media has ever reported, that mugshot photos of Chris have never surfaced because he looked even worse than she did, but after it all went down Chris agreed to take the full blame. At that point the two planned to cool off publicly until the drama blew over, but with so much publicity on them, Rihanna playing the victim role pushed Chris away:

"When the whole situation happened she was dead a*s wrong and was trying to get back with him," the friend tells BOSSIP. "He was like you've taken this a little too far, if you're not going to tell the truth don't dog me and lie and act like you didn't do anything. And when he stopped acting like he was going to stay with her she fu*ked Kanye, Kid Cudi, T.I. before he went to jail and she fu*ked Drake… All within a months' time she fucked everybody."

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