In Skanky News: Sandra Bullock’s Husband’s Tattoo Whore Explains Her “WP” Ink Job

According to Jesse James' tatted up Kat Von D/Marilyn Manson mistress, her "WP" tattoo does not mean "White Power"…but it's definitely something that only a stank a*s whore would put on herself permanently:

In light of the latest in a stream of inaccurate information being circulated about Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, In Touch can exclusively reveal that in addition to playful innuendos, Jesse James and his mistress Michelle also text about one of their many common interests, tattoos.

Michelle even clarifies that she and Jesse were texting about her WP tattoo specifically. "The tattoo stands for Wet P*ssy," Michelle tells In Touch exclusively. "Jesse and I had a conversation about it and he says a lot of his friends have the tattoo." Various reports claim Michelle's tattoo stands for "White Power," Michelle clarified.

Wet P*ssy, huh? SMH. Do y'all believe this ho?

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