Are You Serious? Singer D'Angelo Pleads Guilty


Now according to my sources, D'Angelo may be working on an album thats due to drop this summer. Could this be one of those famous celebrity stunts before the album drops? Nope, not this time folks, sorry to all the fans, but this is definetly not a well thought out stunt if so. What the HELL was neo-soul singer, D'Angelo thinking when he attempted to pick up prostitute, who just so happened to be a undercover police officer? According to NYDailyNews,

                "R&B singer D'Angelo pleaded guilty to a reduced disorderly conduct charge Friday for offering $40 for sex to an undercover cop posing as a hooker, officials said. The '90s star, whose real name is Michael Archer, was busted on a misdemeanor rap of patronizing a prostitute in Greenwich Village last March."[It's] a violation, not a crime," his lawyer, Stacey Richman, said of the lesser charge. D'Angelo, 37, sprinted out of a Manhattan courthouse and didn't answer questions. He initially faced up to a year behind bars on the misdemeanor charge but will not receive jail time under the lesser count".

Well we all know what he was thinkin, 'eh some quick (cheap) head and what man in his right mind is going to turn that down? Needless to say, that horny urge turned into a quick night in the clink! Now he's in the headlines for this bullshit. Personally, I would have prefered it had been his music. But I guess we just can't always get what we want. So D'Angelo you got off this time, don't let it happen again! Where is that "How Does It Feel Body?" Ladies don't act like it was only me, okay, drooling all on the T.V. So to all the D'Angelo fans, hopefully ya boy got something in the works brewing up for ya. I'll keep you posted.

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