KeKe Wyatt is Back and Better Than Ever!: Tune in Wed @9:00p To Hear Her Live Interview!

KeKe Wyatt, born Ketara Shavon Wyatt, was born on March 10, 1982 in Indianapolis, In. Born into a bi-racial family, KeKe is no stranger to difficult times. KeKe has endured troubled times in both her child and adult life. Succumbing to domestic violence in a marraige of 10 years, which ultimately led to her being arrested for stabbing her then husband in 2001. The charges were dropped but the negative publicity from the media left a terrible impact on her career. KeKe however has perservered since and has released 3 albums after her 1st gold-selling album entitled Soul Sista in 2001. She has also released Ghetto Rose on Cash Money Records Label. This single "Put Your Hands On Me" turned out not to be a hit and the album flopped.

In 2010 she released the album Who Knew which also turned out not so great but you can't hold a good woman down. KeKe moved to Atlanta from Kentucky and she has not looked back. She put music on hold be a dedicated mother to her of four beatiful children. While away from music KeKe starred in the touring stage play "Love Overborad" with co-stars including Avant, Khalil Kane, Carl Payne and Karen White.

Now she is back on the music scene with her New album entitled "Unbelievable" that dropped June 14th. This album was graced with the likes of Tweet, Kelly Price and Ruben Studdard. KeKe states, “This album has more songs that were thought out and sought out," Keke relates. “It expresses more where I am in my life now as far as relationships and music are concerned." This album displays her full vocal range. The girl can SANG if you didn't already know.

After getting to know KeKe you'll find that she is a very beautiful, down to earth spirited person, and dedicated mother. She states in a recent interview that, "I'm aiming at what all artists want to do, aiming to be at the top of the charts, being in front of everyone's eyes, performing at the Grammys, it's all good!"

KeKe Wyatt definitley has a testimony to sing about. She just wants to share her gift with the world and the rate she's going she'll do that and so much more. I'm a fan and always have been and I'm so glad to help welcome her back!

Check out KeKe's Video with Ruben Studdard. I LUV this remake! One of the BEST!

SN: KeKe may also be starring in a new reality show called R&B Housewives with Executive Producer Faith Evans. The cast also includes:

Faith Evans

 Kelly Price

 LeLee Lyons of SWV

 Nicci Gilbert of Brownstone


 Angie Stone

Okay I'm an R&B Junkie, I would be all over that show! Would you watch?

Posted By: Angie B

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