Join Us @ 4:30p For Live Interview Featuring Paul Wall!

Help the Ladies of AGTR welcome Paul Wall to the show today @4:30p.

Paul Wall born as Paul Michael Slayton on March 11, 1981. Paul grew up in Houston Texas in a single parent home. As any other fatherless child, Paul grew up with the pain of not having his  father, but he is not the one to make excuses. At age 14 he became street team promotions for Def Jam, Cash Money and No Limit. This is what you call a hustler. By 1997 Paul's street team clientele included Michael 5000 Watts which happened to be  a DJ for Swisha House. Mike allowed Paul to rap on his radio show which eventually led to Paul doing mixtapes for Swishahouse. Having the hustler mentality that he does, Paul became an accomplished DJ on the regional music scene, he released 4 independent albums "Paid In Full label, Get Your Mind Correct", The Chick Magnet, Controversy Sells and How To Be a Player. Each one remained on the Billboard Rap charts a consecutive 15 weeks long.

After reuniting with his label Swishhouse, Paul released "The People's Champ" and the lead single was entitled, Sittin Sideways". His most current album is "Heart of a Champion" which was released June 29th 2010. In addition to his music he formed the "grillz style" wearing custom diamond made fronts and grills. This eventually turned into TV Jewelry his company that has made grillz for major celebrities including: T.I., Nelly Slick Rick, Mike Jones, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Chingy, Master P and the list goes on.

What Paul says about success of Texas style music:

"The style of music that we creating in Houston and Texas was just so different that I never thougt the rest of the world would embrace it the way they have now. A lot of music is based on the Texas culture and Skrew culture. He gives made props to the legendary DJ Skrew the inventor of Skrew and Chopped Music". R.I.P DJ Skrew.

In 2010 Paul underwent gastric surgery and loss 100lbs. Damn Paul looking all good and thangs!

Check out the photoshoot him and his wife took after his surgery.

Paul and Crystal Wall as "Bonnie and Clyde"






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