Damn He Sounds Just Like D'Angelo!: Check Out This White Boy From The UK! Sam Sparro

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In case you been sleepin' on this musical genius from the U.K. Let me be the first to introduce you to Sam Sparro. Sam Falson was born in Australia where he grew up until the age of 10 when he then moved to Pasadena California with his family to record a gospel album. Music has always been apart of Sam's life, his great-grandfather performed with Frank Sinatra in addition to his father being a musician as well. In 2000 Sam moved to the UK where he started getting more into his own music professionally. This artist has made it known that some of his musical inspirations include: Chaka Khan, who became one of his first admirer's when he sang at her church, Prince, Gap Band as well as Hot Chip and Basement Jaxx. Indeed he has soul and it shows in his voice that sounds so much like R&B singer D'Angelo. No he's not trying to imitate anyone, he 's just who he is. Billboard.com states that 
"His style of music is derived from contemporary R&B, particularly his gospel-trained vocals, and often harks back to the 1980s, but it's a thoroughly modern style, driven by state-of-the-art electronic dance production techniques and sounds". 
Sam has single entitled "Black & Gold" check out the video! I personally like his song "Cut It Loose" it puts me in the mind of Prince.

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