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Inspired by Beyonce’s “Dance For You” video and the film Flashdance, Gigi’s performance was actually more Vegas showgirl than stripper… Her performance actually blew out the sound system at Magic, and we hear she collected an estimated $20,000 during her final show. Gigi ended her dance by pulling a sparkly star from the top of her set, causing money and glitter to cascade all over her, and the stage. When it was all over the crowd immediately cleared the club, leaving some of the other dancers upset because of the early closing.

For those of you who never made it out to Magic City to see Gigi do her thing, don’t fret. She’ll still be putting her ten years dance experience to work. Gigi is a Certified Pole Instructor and she’s leaving Magic City to run PoleFanAddicts Inc. Copies of “GiGi’s Last Dance” will be available for purchase on Valentine’s Day 2012.

And although Gigi is no longer performing at Magic City, she STILL tours as a featured performer.




Check GiGi's Trailor to her DVD "Last Dance"


To hear GiGi's live interview with AGTR click here>>>http://bit.ly/JkeQW6

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