Usher is a free man!

Ladies I'ma make this quick and to the point.... I haven't confirmed this but not that it matters to some, it's been reported that Usher and Tamika are officially Divorced. That's right your boy is back on the market, but if your not the step momma type don't step to him. The financial arrangements haven't been released but Usher says he will be taking care of his sons... GO BOY!

Now, I'm not throwing salt on Ms. Tamika, she seems to be a pretty cool chick and one thing that stands out to me is, she gives back to her community. I follow her on twitter (along others) and she's appears to be a very positive person, doing good things for her community and her family. So hat's off to Tamika, and girl keep your head up, we don't know the details of your marriage, but we do know you were blessed with two beautiful boys from it.

Good luck to Usher and Tamika with what ever the future holds for both of them!

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