What's HOT What's NOT! has the 70's returned!

We had a blast on our show Saturday November 20, 2010… What happened to?  Where are they? Let me say this, there are a lot of things that come in style and go right back out never to come back.  BUT! When we talk about fashions, most of the time clothing pieces will definitely make it back around.  Check out our fashion poll and tell us if you agree!
Remember the corduroy pants! We do! They made so much noise when you would walk and they would together, I for one hated them. We voted and the results are........OUT!

What about the all famous Cow neck sweater!.... this is one fashion trend that left and has made it's return, we voted and the COW neck sweater is...... IN!

The leather pant, ok so it's 2010 and well we may agree the leather pant was hot in its time but the question is can it make a comeback! We voted and the leather pant is......OUT! But try the liquid leggings!

The turtleneck! ok.... well this stirred up a bit of conversation, Jai says she uses this as a form of punishment for her son, one of our callers said that the turtleneck is a great compliment to a blazer... AGT voted and the turtleneck is ......OUT!!

The Platform shoe.... need I say more, this too is a hot fashion that has made it's way back, and AGT say the platform shoe is .....HERE TO STAY! ...IN

 The all famous tube of red lipstick, well back in the 50's, 60's and 70's this may have been a huge hit, but now in 2010, it signifies something different.... and unless your into street walking we suggest you leave the tube of red lipstick on the shelf! AGT voted and we say RED lipstick is.....OUT!

 The french kiss!!  Muse says "if your oral hygene is up to par then go for it"! Jai says "hell no!" Tika's says "let me give it some thought", Angie... "oh no you not gone put your tounge in my mouth!" ... so we needed to go to the phones to break the tie.... with that... The french kiss is...... IN!
To close the polls we had the Gaucho Pant!! What we need to know about this is style really never left, it's been revamped and somehow has taken a new look... But is the look strong enough to last. AGT voted and the results were in...... The Gaucho Pant is.....OUT!

Now Check out the Ladies of All Girl Talk Radio as we give tribute to the 70's! make sure you tell us what you think!

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