AGTR Movie picks for December.... Because we said so!

                                                             "I love You Philip Morris"

I can’t wait to see one of the funniest men alive play a guy man, I bet this is going to be great!  Carrey plays a married police officer who discovers his true self as a gay man. Jailed as a con man, he falls in love with another inmate (McGregor) and will do anything to be with him.  Check it out December 03!

                                      'Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader'

Another hot movie has gone 3-D! I can hide the kid in me besides if we didn’t use our imagination then life would be so boring!  Make sure you let the kid in you out and grab your children and check out the new3-D fantasy based on the third novel in C. S. Lewis' "Chronicles of Narnia" series. With the land now at peace, Prince Caspian along with Lucy, Edmund and cousin Eustace begin a quest to find the seven lost lords of the land. Hits Theatres December 10th

                                                            Tron Legacy

Do I even have to tell you what I think about this Sci Fi movie! OMG I saw the previews and I can wait to see the movie, this may be the movie of the year.  This 3-D sci-fi flick is a follow-up to 1982's "Tron." Kevin Flynn's now-adult son investigates what made his father disappear 20 years ago and finds himself pulled into the video-game world of the first film.  Hits Theatres December 17th.

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