King Hammer! Uho Uho here comes the HAMMER!

MC Hammer gave himself a new name before issuing a warning to Jay-Z this morning.

In what has to be the most unexpected rap beef ever, Hammer released a diss track titled “Better Run Run” under the new moniker King Hammer. 

The single and video were sparked by Hov’s line on Kanye West’s track “So Appalled.” Jay took shots at Hammer’s financial woes, spitting, "And Hammer went broke so you know I'm more focused. I lost 30 mil so I spent another 30, cause unlike Hammer 30 million can't hurt me."

Those two lines set Hammer off, and he immediately promised to deliver a few choice words for Hov in a diss track that was supposed to be released on Halloween. Unfortunately, King Hammer missed his own deadline due to technical issues, but the video was posted to YouTube Monday morning.

Check out the Video below!

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