Jesus Take The Wheel!: Woman Found Guilty Of Killing Baby In Microwave

Friday morning at 11:40a, the verdict ruled China Arnold guilty of aggravated murder for the death of her 28 day old baby, Parris Talley.

Although the murder occurred in 2005, China has since had 3 trials and as the saying goes, "third times a charm". There seemed to be many different witnesses to this case, alot of rumors and twisted words. But in the end the truth always prevails.

It had been stated that China told another inmate, while in jail, that "she was sorry and didn't mean to do it". Maybe she should have kept those words to herself, cause you know you can't trust no snitch in jail, seems that her statement was taken into consideration during this last trial. Seems there's not much information as to why she did it. Speaking as a mother myself, I personally don't understand why people do such harsh things such as this. Some people have killed their babies in such gruesome ways, such as putting babies in washing machines and driers. Becoming a new mother is definitely a stressful time and some suffer from post par-tum worse than others. I'm not sure if this was the case here, but whatever it was, she should be locked under the prison.

Monday morning the Judge will decide her fate when they sentence her. Arnold could be facing the death penalty. Do you think she should get cooked?

Posted By: Angie B

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