When It's All Said & Done!: Chrissy Throws In The Wedding Towel?

Well, well ,well looks like there won't be a wedding in the works for Chrissy anytime soon. Hmmmm, was it something I said? LOL Let's recap from my previous post about Chrissy proposing to Jimmy. I stated that personally I'm a traditional girl, so I feel as though the man should propose to the woman who he has chosen to spend the rest of his life with. That's just me. Miss Chrissy took it upon herself to take that risk and from the look on her face when she threw those wedding magazines on the curb, she has alot on her plate. Well sometimes you just can't rush things. Live life and let what's suppose to happen...happen. You just can't force certain things and marriage... definitely not one of things. Let the chips fall as they may.

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