R.I.P- M-Bone (Member of the group Cali Swag District)

The Staff here at AGTR were very saddened by the death of M-Bone, member of the group Cali Swag District. Better known as CSD, this group came through with force with their hit song entitled "Teach Me How To Dougie".

Sources have revealed that after touring with the group M-Bone, went back home to L.A. where he was involved with a girl. Maybe the girl had a crazy ex boyfriend or even a stalker who was either hating on ya boy or simply not wanting any other man to have her. Nowadays social media such as Facebook and Twitter can always stir up some mess. Seems this situation was no different. Sources say that M-Bone and the guy were going H.A.M. (arguing) on Twitter. Now from there the guy wanted to show Bone better than he could tell him. Supposedly the guy rides down on Bone and precedes to firing rounds, shooting Bone multiple times in the head. ~Sigh~ Then it was said that the guy then made a U-turn to go back to see if the man was dead, can you say PREMEDITATED?

Our hearts go out to M-Bone's family and his group members. This is just so sad because not only are these men on the brink of greatness, but they are babies. M-Bone's real name is Montae Talbert and he was only 22 years old.

Posted By: Angie B

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