Football Wives Gone Wild:Yet Another Player Gets Stabbed!

Oh Boy. I guess as the saying goes what's done in the dark will come to light. Whether it be the NFL, NBA or the US Army, these men that abuse their wives and girlfriends should be held accountable for their actions. Now I retrieved this video as a tool, not only to support women, but to bring to the table what's real. The Real Deal is that abuse in any relationship, no matter the kind of abuse, is dangerous and can lead to a dead end literally. With Rasheedah Watley, she could have been one of those that didn't make it out of that relationship alive. Not to say that Brandon is a murderer, but sometimes in abusive relationships, a person's personality can change.

It can get so bad to the point where you have this one outrageous fight, and boy don't let liquor play a factor, a person can end up dead...quick. Before you know it you wake up in the county jail wondering, WTF just happened. Oh and fellas, I know that there are two sides to every story, but some men are just low down, womanizing, manipulative, predatory creatures. If that's not you than you don't have anything to get upset about. The news and many gossip blogs seem to get down more so on the women and not getting to the root of the matter and that's that domestic violence is real. It doesn't change from relationship to relationship.

The abuser is the same person, they may have changed their look up a bit, but believe me, that heart is still the same. So it's no surprise that Brandon has had problems in his new relationship with his wife. Any abuser needs to seek help or else the cycle will just continue to grow and the children, if involved, will pick those same traits up unfortunately. So where does it end?

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