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My Blantly Open No Holds Barred In My Exact Words Unscripted Review
Now let me be the first to say that I myself was definitely entertained. The show wasn't in my opinion all that bad. I absolutely love me some K. Michelle. Period. That's my sister from another mother hands down. After the show I learned so much more about the person and artist known as K. Michelle. Them other chicks, I'm just not so sure about and let me tell you why. The industry is just simply what it is and K. Michelle said it best and I quote, "They don't care about your hurt all they want is for you to shut up and sing." The industry is simply just hardcore and anybody who's been in the industry knows this.
Now this Ragamuffin chick Joseline needs to go sit her ass down. Period ,as my gurl Mz. Muse would say. Just go sit down, you have no substance to me. First off, even though Stevie is not married to MiMi, they still have a long term relationship to the point where Jose can't even be a real enough woman and just say what it is that's going on between her and Stevie. Shit MIMi is baby momma not wifey, but apparently Jose respects either Stevie or MiMi enough to try to play the role as if "ain't nuthin goin on" with the two of them. 

The other reason why Jose needs to sit her ass down is due to her lack of experience as an artist and the industry. K. Michelle who's not so new to the industry herself was correct in telling Jose at the club how the industry works and although she hasn't been bit yet that her day is coming. And I'm not saying that too hate or her but to me she's not humble enough. You will get fucked up in this industry.  Yeah Stevie J. might be overly mesmerized by that ass now, but shit if he blantingly does MiMi, who's a beautiful woman, wrong than he will definitely fuck over you too Jose Pooh. You are a beautiful woman and all but baby you just have to be smarter than that. Yeah the money may be great but where's your dignity and integrity as a woman. Any woman that's playin second best is second class and I'm #1 period. Bascially your the side line hoe that My girl Monica song about. That's you Boo Boo! 
Now a quick conversation about Momma Dee and Lil Scrappy baby mama, Erica  . It's so hard dating a man when his mother thinks she's his woman. I know I've been there. I think Momma Dee need to let those two do them. Period. I know a mother's love for her son and all but damn you gotta get out of their business. Give you opinion Momma and get off the throne. 

Well I guess we will have to see what play out in the remaining shows.

What do you think so far will you be tuning in?
So now that I've ranted, please feel free to comment below and give me your thoughts.
Thank You!
In Case You Missed The Show!

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