Well What Do Ya Know! Kelz Owes Uncle Sam Over $5Mil

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Singer R. Kelly is the most recent victim of those mythical “Hip-Hop Police”!

The federal government is a bit perturbed at Kelz today after he has failed to pay almost $5 Million dollars in back taxes!

According to documents filed by the IRS, Mr. Kelly hasn’t paid his taxes in almost 7 years and the want all their dough!

Wesley Snipes might need to make room for a freaky bunk mate who can sing him to sleep.

Details below…

R. Kelly may believe he can fly but it’s gonna take huge leaps & bounds to get over this whopping $4.8 million tax debt!

According to TMZ, Kelly owes money on his taxes going way back to 2005 and it breaks down like this…

2005 – $1,472,366.77
2006 – $710,520.51
2007 – $376,180.11
2008 – $1,122,694.90
2009 – $173,815.18
2010 – $992,495.24

… for a total of $4,848,072.71.

A rep for Kelly states he is currently “in the process of working everything out with the government and is confident that all his obligations will be satisfied.”

Welp… it’s not like he doesn’t have it…. but who wants to cut a check for almost $5 million dollars to Uncle Sam? That’s gotta hurt!

I guess we should start taking bets on when Diddy’s name will be on the list…


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