Ladies! Beauty Tip of The Day! Keep Them Feet On Point!

This is an absolute NO NO!

Now Ladies please don't let  me catch you on the street with your feet all jacked up. I will stop you and hand you my pumice brush LOL. Ladies we have to know the importance of healthy feet that not  only look good but feel good. Not only is summer approaching but as a woman you should always wanna keep your feet tight to death. Now it only takes a few swipes of a pumice brush to the back of those heels to keep them lookin and feelin good. Avon has taken it a step further with their new product line Foot Works taking all the hard work out of the picture for you. For a limited time Footworks, a regular retail value of $24.00, is now available for only $9.99 for the entire set, is that a hell of a steal or what? You can also buy them individually but why when you save more money getting the whole set. Go to my page a check out all the great deals Avon has to offer this summer! 

Foot Works Beautiful 5-Piece Foot Pampering Collection


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