#SMH-Tamar Wants To Sue K.Michelle?


Here.We.GO! R&B singer & reality show star Tamar Braxton is known for being over the top. But this time she might have picked the wrong target.

When the VH1 reality show Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta premiered on Monday, the twitterverse’s eyes were glued to their televisions and timelines. Singer K. Michelle was on the show telling her personal story of being in an abusive relationship.

Though K. Michelle never actually named her alleged abuser during the episode, Tamar gathered along with many other viewers that she was referring to her ex-boyfriend, rapper/producer Memphitz, who just recently celebrated his one-year anniversary with wife and close friend of Tamar, Antonia Carter.

During the show, Tamar tweeted that people should just let Toya have her fairytale, and K. Michelle later fired back in an interview saying that she “jumps gates” and that Tamar looks like a muppet.


Shortly after the interview, Tamar expressed that she felt threatened by K. Michelle, wants a public apology, and filed a “cease and desist” order against the reality star. WOW!

The drama continued when K. Michelle called into TT Torrez’ radio show on IPower Richmond to talk about the premiere of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta and why she is angry at Tamar Braxton rather than Memphitz and Toya Carter.

Meanwhile Memphitz took to Twitter to clear all this mess up…

“As I was installing the Teeth, Titties, & Ass you’re Flaunting, I forgot to tell you about the Growing Nose,” he tweeted along with a photo of Pinocchio, the fictitious boy whose nose grew when he told a lie. K. Michelled sent out a series of tweets, which seemed to be (indirectly) directed at Memphitz later. “A persons true colors will always show. Never fight a battle that God already won for u. I’m still standing,” she wrote.

Oh yeh, in case ya missed it…another cast member on Love & Hip Hop ATL is in the headlines after pics of his “you know what” leaked online…peep it here!

Peep K. Michelle’s interview that got Tamar all fired up!

Lawd Lawd!

What do you think about this drama?




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