Ashanti says " Put a Ring on It",and the Dynamic Duo Venus and Serena

Nelly and Ashanti calls it quits!

Ok, so I had been wondering what was up with Nelly and Ashanti, because they really kept their relationship on the hush hush. Now the rumors have started and it’s been said the Ashanti was ready to take to relationship to the next level and Nelly wasn’t. Hey, I’m not mad at her, shit they have been together long enough for the both of them to know if this was something they wanted for the long haul. Hell neither of them is getting any younger so I don’t blame her one bit.

I guess it didn’t take Nelly long to bounce back because it’s been reported that he was seen in Las Vegas and in Miami with hot chick Jessica Rabbit (hey wasn’t she in the Roger Rabbit movie), well any way, Ashanti, hold your head up girl, it’s his lost!

The Williams Sister are doing it big!
Talk about Independent these Ladies are showing us that they can do more than swing at Tennis Balls!

The Williams sisters are standing up and showing us what they are made of, Venus and Serena saw something they wanted and hell they got it!

What woman wouldn’t want to own her very own collection of handsome men in tight ass football pants, I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t. It’s been reported that the dynamic duo are now proud partial owners of the Miami Dolphins. Although the deal is not a solid thing yet, it should be really soon so stay tuned cause I’m over it.

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