Real Housewives?

Ok, when is enough, enough with all these reality shows that aren’t really reality. First let me say this, I’m not mad at the ladies, not one bit; in what you gotta do to make that money girls.

Let’s keep it real, these are not “real housewives” these are all keep women, and where are the housewives; most of them are not even married. They are living these elaborate lives, because of who they are with (or have been married to). Where is the life of the “real” housewife, I have not once seen any of them in a grocery store, pay a bill, attend a parent teacher conference, punish a child and so on. This is a true fantasy life that in reality most women only dream of and can’t relate to.

When I think of reality television I think of reality, shouldn’t it show the everyday life and struggle we all encounter as housewives? Again, I’m not harping on the lady’s personally, but I guess I’m just tired of these fake ass reality series.

Just a thought from your girl, and that’s how I roll, straight with no chaser!

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