Vicks signs Deal, Jermaine Dupri single? Another ATL housewife loses their house

Mike Vick signs with Philadelphia

Talk about a second chance.. Mike Vic has signed with the Philadelphia Eagles for a year and if all goes well he’ll have a second chance for a second year. I for one am excited for Vick, hell we all make mistakes and we all deserve a second chance, who are we to throw stones, hell look at the state the world is in now can it get any worse?

first year of the deal is only for a reported $1.6 million (that's about what the Eagles paid for kicker David Akers(notes) in 2008), which means the Eagles can do whatever they want with Vick -- play him, trade him or cut him -- without much worry. Maybe they'll play him at running back or run him in the Wildcat or sit him on the bench. Everything is on the table. (For what it's worth, Andy Reid said that the Eagles didn't get Vick to sit him on the bench. Of course, 48 hours ago Reid said that the Eagles weren't interested at all in Vick.) None the less, I think Vick will be worth his weight in gold, so good choice Philadelphia and good luck VICK!

Jermaine and Janet throws in the towel!

No this funny looking leprechaun did not split up with Janet during her time of need. Dam Jermaine, you got it like that? I’m not sure of the details, but it’s been reported that the “odd couple” has called it splits, while I say “good for you Janet”, I say “you’re lost” Jermaine. I don’t have the details of the break up, and as soon as I get them I’ll post them here, however I have been told that Jermaine acted like a dog in heat during Pete Yorn's show at the W Chicago City Center over the weekend.

"Jermaine was partying with friends and chatting up lots of girls," says a fellow reveler. " WTF, but I guess money makes even the ugliest person look good.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Lisa Wu-Hartwell and her husband looses their home to foreclosure.

WTF! First the blabber mouth do gooder Sharee, lost her house, now the two faced wanna be looses hers, what’s this the ATL Housewives curse?

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Lisa Wu-Hartwell and her husband, former Oakland Raiders linebacker Edgerton Hartwell, has lost their mansion in Duluth to foreclosure, according to Wu-Hartwell's rep said the couple had been trying to restructure the loan after the house lost value, but were unsuccessful. They were forced to move out last week after defaulting.

The Hartwells purchased the house in 2007 for $2.9 million, but it sold on the courthouse steps for $1.9 million on Aug. 4, according to TMZ.Their rep said, "Ed and Lisa are fine. They have settled in their [new] home, that sits on 10 acres and they own it!" Well, I guess you gotta be able to save face, one way or another huh?

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