The Atlanta Housewives are doing it again

Ok yall, so I guess Ima have to start watchin these ladies to see what all the fuss is about.
You liked them so well that Bravo has broght them back, check out what S2S magizine had to say about it.
“. The show started off with a trip to Nene’s place where the honorary sixth housewife, Dwight Eubanks, was dropping by to offer advice on the d├ęcor. As always, their interaction was extremely entertaining. Somehow interior-decorating consultation turned into a lesson on how to open a bottle of Champagne and a private dance session.” They’re such a mess! And yes, AGT agrees!

More from S2S about the show:

Something we were really happy to see Thursday night was that Nene and Sheree Whitfield patched things up. While we’re talking about Sheree, the new season found her in the middle of moving into a new home. It turns out that she was being evicted after the old house went into foreclosure because her ex-husband, Bob Whitfield, hadn’t been keeping up with his responsibilities. “Bob had a court order to pay the mortgage and he never did,” Sheree explained. And those weren’t the only payments he’d been skipping either. “I haven’t received child support from Bob in 19 months. Bob’s never been active in these kids lives,” she said. And the now-divorced mother of two decided that it was time to celebrate her newfound independence with a party. To help her give her shindig some style, Sheree enlisted the help of a party planner named Anthony. Things seemed to be going well on their first meeting as Anthony outlined his grand ideas for the party, like having a poet write a piece on Sheree, which she seemed to love! “You’re the client so we want to make sure that we satisfy you and give you great service,” Anthony said at the end of their first planning session. Apparently that went right out the window the next the two of them met up. We have no words for the fight that ensued, but we will say that Sheree definitely showed Anthony who’s boss! They popped off like somone reneged during a spades game!

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